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Put Your Clavinova to Work—Activities to Keep Students Engaged During Lessons, Practicing and Beyond

Clavinova digital pianos and creative music teaching go hand-in-hand. Join specialists Lori Frazer and Leila Viss to explore activities to inspire and motivate students on and off the bench!

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Hybrid Pianos from Yamaha — Keep the Pace and Keep the Peace

Hybrid pianos from Yamaha offer a unique combination of acoustic authenticity and 21st-century technology. Join us to explore easy ways to motivate and improve practice skills, while giving families control over the volume.

The Yamaha MLC-200 Lab Controller: Planning for the Future of Group Teaching

Combining an all new teacher-friendly interface with the clarity of Yamaha audio and the authenticity of Yamaha keyboard instruments, our latest lab controller provides a uniquely powerful, yet flexible environment for group teaching.

About the Presenters

Lori Frazer

Lori Frazer from Yamaha enjoys sharing the marvels of Clavinova Digital pianos with everyone. Lori enjoys bringing the amazement and wellness benefits of music making to people who never thought it possible to make music.

Leila Viss

Leila Viss generates creative-based, tech-savvy instruction and resources for her private studio, the University of Denver’s piano preparatory program, LeilaViss.com, 88 Creative Keys events, music industry magazines and frequent speaking engagements.

Shana Kirk

Shana Kirk is a Colorado-based pianist, teacher, technology consultant and a frequent presenter across the U.S. and Canada. She works closely with industry leaders, including Yamaha Corporation of America, to help educators navigate the convergence of technology and pedagogy.