Code of Ethics

Vision and Values

The mission of MTNA is to advance the value of music study and music making in society and to support the professionalism of music teachers.

The mission is accomplished by members who teach with competence, act with integrity, volunteer services to MTNA programs, provide professional support for colleagues and communities, and comply with all laws and regulations that impact the music teaching profession.

Anti-trust Compliance

MTNA agreed to change its Code of Ethics and will not adopt, encourage its members to follow, or endorse any Code of Ethics provision relating to solictation of teaching work that does not comply with the FTC Consent Order.

Anti-trust Compliance Guide

Revised Code of Ethics

FTC Settlement Statement

FTC Press Release

FTC Consent Order

FTC Compliance Forms

As a requirement of the Federal Trade Commission Decision and Order signed by MTNA, each state and local affiliate, as a condition of continued affiliation with MTNA, must execute and return a Certification or Extension of Time Form to MTNA.

FTC Certification Form

Ethical Dispute?

Direct communication is essential in resolving ethical concerns. Members are strongly encouraged to work out ethical problems themselves. If issues cannot be resolved by the involved parties, MTNA has a specific process for dealing with concerns.

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