Partnerships with MTNA

MTNA values collaborations with industry partners, but is also mindful of the value in carefully selecting meaningful, beneficial alliances for our members. Consideration will be given to every application, but unfortunately, MTNA will not select every applicant. MTNA will select only those programs that are of the highest quality, that offer the most interest and service to our members and that is equitable and economical for MTNA. 

MTNA Partner Programs will be selected only two times per year–June and December. Applications must be received by May 31 and November 30 to be considered in the next selection cycle. Applications must be complete and may include additional materials such as CD, DVD, which can be mailed. 

If you are interested in partnering with MTNA, please review the document Guidelines for Relationships of Outside Organizations with Music Teachers National Association

After reviewing this information, if you feel your product, service, idea etc. is appropriate, please complete the Partnership Interest Form.

You will need the following information to complete the form:

  • Name and title of individual completing the form
  • Name of Partner Program/Product/Company, address, phone number and e-mail address
  • Description of Program/Product/Company
  • Description of the proposed partnership with MTNA (e.g. provide 10 percent discount for MTNA members)
  • Compelling reasons for MTNA Partnership
  • Estimated cost to MTNA
  • Three references, including the relationships to your company and contact information with phone numbers and e-mail addresses