MTNA Strategic Plan

The mission of Music Teachers National Association is to advance the value of music study and music making to society and to support the professionalism of music teachers. The association maintains two subsidiary programs: MTNA Professional Certification Program and the MTNA FOUNDATION FUND. The Professional Certification Program exists to improve the level of professionalism within the field of applied music teaching and helps the public readily identify competent music teachers in their communities. The MTNA FOUNDATION FUND supports programs to financially assist teachers and students with their educational pursuits while providing an opportunity for individual and corporate support of MTNA and its programs.

Objective I: To increase the number of individuals of all ages involved in the study and making of music in the United States.
Goal 1: Promote the musical and non-musical benefits of music making and music study through multiple internal and external media/communication sources.
Goal 2: Promote MTNA Certification to the public as an indicator of fully qualified music teachers.
Goal 3: Provide funding to qualified outside organizations to leverage the impact of MTNA support.
Goal 4: Provide student recruitment and retention strategies to members of the profession.
Goal 5: Expand MTNA’s agenda for advocacy through partnerships with other appropriate national and international organizations.
Goal 6: Promote the image and purpose of MTNA as the most valuable and respected source for information on the music teaching profession.
Objective II: To insure the long term future of the profession.
Goal 1: Promote the music teaching profession as a worthwhile and viable career.
Goal 2: Promote the value and stature of professional music teachers as worthy of significant compensation and respect.
Goal 3: Support university pedagogy programs in curriculum development and delivery to promote well-educated graduates.
Goal 4: Provide multiple training opportunities to music teaching professionals to enhance and expand their pedagogical repertoire to include both traditional and non-traditional approaches.
Goal 5: Promote openness to non-traditional teaching approaches.
Goal 6: Identify demographic trends and preferences that influence pedagogical approaches.
Goal 7: Promote networking opportunities as well as avenues for pursuing continuing education.
Objective III: To enhance and expand member programs and services to meet and exceed member needs and expectations.
Goal 1: Utilize the Forums and other committees for member input regarding their needs, issues and interests.
Goal 2: Maintain commitment to member research through the use of appropriate member surveys.
Goal 3: Provide professional development resources and training for all member segments of MTNA, including students.
Goal 4: Expand benefits and services for the music teacher professional, especially for the self-employed member.
Objective IV: To globalize the products and services of MTNA to better serve an increasingly international music teacher community.
Goal 1: Develop an appropriate strategy for globalization.
Goal 2: Establish MTNA as the pre-eminent music teacher association in the world.
Goal 3: Position the MTNA website as the home for the global music teacher community.
Goal 4: Pursue further opportunities for MTNA meetings outside of the United States.
Goal 5: Establish and maintain relationships and partnerships with other international music teacher organizations, institutions and corporations.
Objective V: To strengthen organizational effectiveness and operating efficiency.
Goal 1: Apply and integrate technology into designated MTNA programs and services.
Goal 2: Maintain an ongoing process of long and short range planning.
Goal 3: Identify and cultivate skilled and committed leadership at all organizational levels of MTNA.
Goal 4: Integrate the appropriate contributions of volunteer and paid staff in all member programs of the association.
Goal 5: Enhance volunteer and staff satisfaction within the organization.
Goal 6: Create and implement an appropriate and effective development plan for the Foundation Fund.
Goal 7: Conduct biennial reviews of the competition program.
Goal 8: Continue the ongoing enhancement of the Certification program and its governance.
Goal 9: Enhance the connection between the national association and our state and local affiliates through our leadership training, communication and personal contact.
Goal 10: Explore and develop avenues for expanding non-dues revenues.
Goal 11: Continue an effective membership recruitment and retention plan.
Goal 12: Increase diversity within the membership, both demographically and musically.
Goal 13: Develop and implement a comprehensive internal and external marketing and public relations/communications plan.