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If your chapter would like some ideas for planning successful, innovative or creative activities and events, check out the following outline of Activities of Award-Winning Collegiate Chapters, as well as the Other Suggested Activities for Collegiate Chapters section. 

Activities of Award-Winning Collegiate Chapters

2007 - University of Oklahoma

Janci Bronson, president

2006 - University of Iowa


2005 - Weber State University

The Weber State University Student Chapter (WSUSC) in Ogden, Utah, has been selected as the Collegiate Chapter of the Year.

Among its notable activities is joining the Weber State Carnival of Clubs, playing music games and offering piano lessons for schools in their community. They welcomed new freshmen with an annual "Dutch Oven" party. They also organized an end-of-the-semester party. In addition, a back-to-school party was planned in February.

WSUSC students raised funds to enter the Utah MTA practice competition, which they ultimately won, receiving a $300 scholarship award. They used this money to buy Christmas presents for needy children and to send chapter members to the National Conference.

"Collegiate chapters such as the one at Weber State are the future of MTNA and the independent music teaching professionals," says MTNA Executive Director Gary L. Ingle. "Weber State's activities demonstrate a commitment to furthering music education for future generations."

The chapter participated in the Utah MTA state conference, subsidizing part of the student registration fees for freshmen. During the Student Saturday part of the convention, they promoted their university and their collegiate chapter. They also donated a gift to the MTNA Foundation Fund.

In addition, WSUSC members organized the Weber State University Piano Festival in February, which involved more than 50 teachers and 100 children. Chapter members were responsible for registration, preparations, monitoring and the awards ceremony.

The chapter also publishes a monthly newsletter.

The Collegiate Chapter of the Year Award was established by MTNA to support and encourage ongoing educational programming for collegiate chapters.

2004 - Chattanooga Area Student Chapter


2002/03 - Weber State University

Faculty Advisors - Diana Page and Yu-Jane Yang

Weber State University Music Teachers Association Collegiate Chapter, in Ogden, Utah, has been selected as the 2003 Collegiate Chapter of the Year.

Consisting of eighteen student members and advised by faculty members Yu-Jane Yang, NCTM, and Diana Page, the "Treblemakers" have coordinated events on campus, as well as with the Utah and the local MTA in Ogden.

To publicize their chapter at the start of the school year, members dressed up as "musical fortune tellers" for the WSU Carnival of Clubs. Their "predictions," such as "Success will come in a series of 'triplets' throughout your life," attracted three new members and educated many attendees about MTNA.

In October 2002, students monitored and assisted judges at the UMTA/MTNA performance competitions. At the UMTA state convention, members were monitors and assisted with the convention banquet. In addition, they provided a raffle gift of romantic flowers and a music CD to raise money for the MTNA Foundation Fund. Also, in the fall they participated in a statewide food drive, placing a cart in the Performing Arts office to collect food donations for the Ogden Rescue Mission. WSU members joined with the Ogden MTA for a Christmas social/recital. Other activities included performing for local rest homes during the holiday season, decorating a Christmas tree for a needy family with the theme of "The Nutcracker Suite" and donating piano lessons to children who would otherwise be unable to afford them.

In February 2003, members served as judging interns at the UMTA State Concerto Competition, giving them insights to professional judging. To enable members to attend the conference in Salt Lake, the chapter applied for and was awarded a grant through WSU.

In April, they organized the annual WSU Piano Festival for pre-collegiate students in their community. Chapter members scheduled festival participants, served as monitors, provided hospitality and coordinated and organized a competition with an honors recital.

2001/02 - Wichita State University

Faculty Advisor - Sylvia Coats

  • Successful mentor program that was developed in 1991
  • Communication and cooperation with the Wichita MTA
  • Organized a student holiday recital
  • Organized a guest artist lecture-recital on "Phrasing" with Junghwa Lee
  • Attended every MTNA National Conference for the past ten years
  • Critiqued students at the Elementary Music Festival
  • Organized a site for the Kansas MTA Music Progressions tests for their students
  • Active in several fundraising events

2000/01 - Temple University

Faculty Advisor - Maria del Pico Taylor

  • Conducted classes for children as part of the Dorothy Sutton Music Festival
  • Started their own pedagogy library at Temple University
  • Organized two Student Chapter recitals, featuring solo and duet performances by their members
  • Attended their state MTA Convention and the MTNA National Convention
  • Organized and ran a Kids at the Keys festival
  • Assisted with the Philadelphia MTA Spring Festival
  • Organized fundraisers for their group and received faculty participation and support for these efforts
  • Sponsored a composition recital premiering works of Temple's student composers

1999/00 - Stephen F. Austin State University

Faculty Advisor - Linda Parr

  • Planned and taught keyboard orchestra and piano history courses for the Preparatory Department's Summer Piano Camp
  • Attended many conferences, workshops and conventions such as the World Piano Pedagogy Conference, a workshop by Maurice Hinson and their state convention
  • Gave presentations for their local MTA chapter as well as for their state convention
  • Organized a Monster Piano Recital
  • Planned and organized a Silent Auction to raise money for the Preparatory Deptartment
  • Entered their own students in their local association's International Festival and Sonatina Festival
  • Co-sponsored a Piano Workshop with their local MTA chapter
  • Monitored Performance Competitions for the state convention, as well as for a state piano festival
  • Hosted a reception for one of their teacher's piano recitals 

1998/99 - Central Missouri State University

Faculty advisors - Mia Kim and Richard Smith

  • Invited speakers to their monthly meetings (guests spoke on topics such as taxes, computer software, accompanying and performance anxiety)
  • Surveyed accompanists' fees, responsibilities and expectations at CMSU
  • Sponsored Piano Pedagogy Weekend, which featured a lecture, master class and recital by Nelita True
  • Served as monitors and ran a concession stand at their state Missouri MTA convention
  • Hosted various fundraising and recreational activities

1997/98 - Weber State University

Faculty advisor - Diana Page

  • Sponsored a Piano Festival in which 100 students, 20 teachers and a guest artist participated
  • Held a Pedagogy Workshop featuring a renowned guest clinician (70 teachers attended)
  • Taught music in an outreach program for children of migrant workers
  • Participated in a University Welcome Week and social events
  • Assisted with faculty and student recitals on campus
  • Attended an MTNA national convention

1996/97 - West Virginia University

Faculty advisor - Connie Arrau Sturm

  • Won MTNA Local Association Grant. In conjunction with West Virginia MTA District I teachers, they gave music advocacy presentations at a local preschool and designed and circulated brochures advocating music study.       
  • Organized and ran a free concert series in downtown Morgantown featuring WVU music students.
  • Presented The Components of a Successful Student Chapter: Dedication, Enthusiasm, and Imagination at a WVMTA State Convention. This session offered advice on running a student chapter; discussed past projects, benefits to members and future goals; and stimulated lively discussion.
  • Lobbied politicians (successfully) to exempt independent music teachers from having to assess West Virginia sales tax on music lessons.
  • Gave two presentations on Music & Nature to elementary and junior high students as part of the WVMTA District I Fall Festival.  These presentations involved creating, listening and responding to music.
  • Organized a holiday Practice-A-Thon that raised almost $300 to buy Christmas presents for needy children.
  • Gave four short music presentations for Exploratory Days sponsored by a local elementary school. The children sang and played rhythm instruments and keyboards.

1995/96 - Northwestern University

Faculty advisors - Mary Beth Molenaar and Krista Wallace-Boaz

  • Started a Community Recital Series, where chapter members performed for residents of a local retirement community
  • Established a mentor program with the MTNA local association (Students and teachers were matched according to their interests and teaching situations.)
  • Led discussion groups on The Business of Studio Teaching at an MTNA local association meeting

1994/95 - University of Texas at Austin

Faculty advisor - Martha Hilley

  • Presented Pediatric Aids Benefits Concerts
  • Hosted luncheons for prospective UT Austin students on audition dates
  • Hosted receptions for fall faculty exams, selected recitals and Pianist Weekend
  • Hosted recitals for students of chapter members
  • Hosted master classes featuring chapter members teaching and then being critiqued by a master teacher
  • Presented Preparing to be a Music Major at Texas MTA and MTNA conferences

1993/94 - West Chester University

Faculty advisor - Timothy Blair

  • Sponsored a Play-a-Thon, which raised over $1,300
  • Attended the state convention
  • Received a grant from the WCU Student Government Association
  • Contributed over $200 to the MTNA Foundation
  • Sponsored a concert for AIDS
  • Sponsored workshops and recitals by nationally known clinicians
  • Served as monitors for the MTNA National Convention in Washington, D.C.

1992/93 - Boise State University

Faculty advisor - Madeleine Hsu

  • Developed a children's scholarship fund for private lessons for at-risk and homeless children. The students performed a benefit recital, enlisted a local business to tune and repair donated instruments, and organized a pledge drive in the community. The governor's office provided the first six scholarships.
  • Sponsored a Children's Essay Contest for 4 to 6 graders for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Human Rights Celebration. Winners received cash awards, coupon incentives, newspaper and television publicity, and a celebration dinner.
  • Volunteered at the Idaho MTA convention and the Sonata/Sonatina Festival.
  • Hosted receptions for the Guest Artist series.
  • Co-sponsored guest lectures, as well as a master class and concert by Alexander Peskanov.
  • Helped construct a BSU Music Department float for Homecoming.

1990/91 and 1989/90 - Wichita State University

Faculty advisor - Sylvia Coats

  • Established the Investment in the Future mentor program that paired local association members and student members who could work together to build relationships and promote excellence
  • Participated in a panel discussion about the Investment in the Future program at the Kansas MTA convention
  • Sponsored theme recitals and a formal recital, receptions and a Musicianship Carnival (with games and prizes) for young students
  • Monitored festivals, auditions and examinations
  • Presented the Magic Triangle Program for parents, students and teachers that featured a motivational speaker, humorous skit, and panel discussion about taking music lessons
  • Traveled to other universities to present a program outlining the advantages of forming a student chapter on their campus

Other Suggested Activities for Collegiate Chapters

  • Develop joint projects with other student music organizations, such as MENC
  • Explore various careers and professional opportunities in the music field
  • Sponsor a joint recital with other collegiate chapters in the area
  • Invite local teachers to form an advisory panel for student members
  • Organize a membership drive to attract new members from diverse areas
  • Sponsor an open house for new freshman and transfer students
  • Set up a chapter bulletin board on campus
  • Sponsor a recital of music by campus composers
  • Create a chapter newsletter
  • Invite faculty members to perform a joint recital of teaching repertoire for their instruments
  • Sponsor the showing of a film or videotape on a musical subject