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Checklist for Mentoring Certification Candidates

This checklist is for the use of state and local association Certification Chairs or Nationally Certified Teachers of Music as they mentor certification candidates who applied for the MTNA Professional Certification process prior to January 1, 2010.

1. Request an application packet and information from OR download and print an application packet from the website at Complete the forms.

2. Request an official transcript from any colleges or universities attended to show fulfillment of the following three academic competency requirements:

  • Music theory (4 semesters/6 quarters)
  • Music history/literature (3 semesters/5 quarters)
  • Pedagogy/teacher education (2 semesters/3 quarters): 1 semester/2 quarters MUST be specific to music


Schedule proficiency examinations, if needed, for the three academic competencies above. Request a Study Guide for the Certification Examinations from MTNA Headquarters or download a copy from the MTNA website.


Use the same official transcript above to show fulfillment of the performance competency requirement (6 semesters/9 quarters) specific to the performance study area in which the candidate is seeking certification.


Validate the fulfillment of the Performance Competency requirement with one of the following options:

A. Program of repertoire: Use Repertoire Selection form. Complete and send with application materials to MTNA for approval of the repertoire prior to its performance.

B. Jury Evaluation Form

C. Official Letter from Teacher: MUST include a list of repertoire studied/performed that meets the MTNA Performance Competency requirement.

Request a copy of the MTNA Professional Certification Performance Competency Requirements and Example Repertoire from MTNA Headquarters or download a copy from the MTNA website.

3. Obtain 3 letters of reference from music professionals. Do not use family members, your students, or parents of your students to write these letters, unless they also are music professionals, such as: college or university music faculty, adjudicators, other NCTM, or church musicians. They should have knowledge of and qualifications for appreciating the effective results of your teaching.

4. Sign and date the Teaching Verification Form.

5. Mentor: a guide, teacher, and advisor who encourages, supports and aids music teachers in becoming a NCTM. (And earn points toward renewal of your own MTNA Professional Certification!)

6. At any point during the pursuit of becoming an NCTM, mentors and candidates may contact or (888) 512-5278, ext. 237, for other information, additional clarification of the process, the content, or the outcome, and/or the name of someone who can provide further help.