Merchant Services

MTNA Partners With Elavon

MTNA has partnered with Elavon to make it easier for members to accept credit card payments in their studios. This optional program available to MTNA members, offers reduced application and nominal maintenance fees. A member can opt to establish an account to accept Visa and MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Partnership Pays!

  • Preferred Payment Processor for MTNA
  • Simplified Pricing
    • One Rate
    • NO Downgrades
    • NO PCI Compliance Fees
    • NO Statement or Reporting Fees
    • NO Monthly Minimum Fees
    • NO Cancellation Fees

Products and Services include:

  • Processing All Types of Credit and Debit Cards
  • Check Conversion
  • Gift & Prepaid Cards
  • Payment Terminals
  • Software, Mobile & Internet Products
  • 3rd Party Interface Solutions
  • Online Reporting
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Risk Management & Fraud Control

Accepting credit cards allows studio owners ways to cut operating costs and improve efficiency, as they reduce the time and paperwork involved in deposits, collections, reconciliation and reporting. It also makes receiving payments faster, thus reducing delinquent payments, minimizing fraud and optimizing customer service.

To learn more about MTNA's partnership with Elavon and receive your FREE business analysis, contact Danielle Gibson at (800)546-1831, ext. 5434 or Learn more.