Mailing List Rental

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More than 20,000 Active Members Since 1876, Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) has existed to support music teaching and the art of music. Founded by Theodore Presser and 62 colleagues, MTNA is America's oldest professional music association.

Today, MTNA is a nonprofit organization of more than 20,000 independent and collegiate music teachers committed to advancing the value of music study and music making to society and to supporting the professionalism of music teachers.

Average Unit of Sale:
$77/yr. (Membership)

Address Type:
86% Home
14% Work

Overall Demographic Information:
10% Male
90% Female
$40,000 Average Income

Teaching Categories:
77% Keyboard
11% Voice
7% Strings
5% Woodwind, Brass, Percussion

Base Price

(no category specifications - per 1000 addresses)
Corporate/Institutional Member $80/1000
Non-Member $85/1000
Additional Selection Criteria Available:
Teaching Category add $15/flat fee
State, Zip Code add $15/flat fee
List available as:
Printed Labels add $10/1000 plus shipping
Electronic File Emailed add $15

MTNA believes the data contained within this list to be correct, but cannot guarantee the outcome of any mailing. In no event will MTNA's liability exceed the cost of the list. MTNA reserves the right to refuse orders deemed by MTNA to be contrary to the best interests of the membership.

To receive an estimate, complete a request form.

Any questions contact or (513) 421-1420.

Terms of Use


  • Minimum order: $375
  • List rental for one-time use only
  • Sample mailing piece required
  • Allow 10 working days for receipt of order
  • First time customers must prepay
  • For rush orders less than 5 days, add $50
  • E-mail addresses are not available
  • Orders cancelled before mail date, $50 plus applicable running charges
  • Full payment is required for orders cancelled after mail date

**Brokers please call for terms**