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MTNA Reinforces Value Of Teaching Profession

January 12, 2016

Will today’s students be ready and able to meet the challenges of society’s uncertain future as literate, creative and critical thinkers; as wise, compassionate and knowledgeable citizens; as workers with the skills and ability to resolve challenges within their professions? The answer to this question lies with teachers and the teaching profession.

Music Teachers National Association is partnering with 14 other leaders of educational organizations to release a joint statement that seeks to reinforce the value and importance of the profession of teaching, particularly in the public schools. With more than 200,000 educators represented, the statement expresses the belief that teachers, as change agents, have the ability to fill our communities with informed, caring, and engaged citizens.

The full statement can be found here.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” proclaimed one of the world’s greatest advocates, Nelson Mandela. Today, we are reflecting on these words and choosing to stand together to continue to share this powerful message.

Through the collaboration and partnering of our various organizations, we are positioning ourselves to inform decisions and reinforce the value of the teaching profession as one worthy of respect and equal status among all other professions.