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Evaluating the Certification Portfolio

Certification portfolios will be evaluated on the extent to which they provide clear, consistent and convinving evidence of the candidates ability:

  1. To plan, implement and guide sequential learning experiences based on substantial knowledge of music and the candidates students, and that utilize a wide selection of instructional resources, strategies and activities
  2. To employ sound, ethical business practices
  3. To promote his/her studio and profession
  4. To develop professional community partnerships

Evaluators will use the Certification Portfolio Evaluation Profiles and Rubric tools to evaluate the portfolios. Standards II, III and IV must receive separate evaluations of ACCEPTED before entire certification portfolios are accepted. Portfolios are sent to two evaluators. If both evaluators score a standard in the portfolio 75 percent of above, it is ACCEPTED; 75 percent of below is NOT ACCEPTED. If one of the evaluators scores a standard(s) in the portfolio at 74 percent or below, NOT ACCEPTED, the standard(s) is sent to a third evaluator for clarification, grading accuracy and to reach a consensus.