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Procedures Following Evaluation

1. Candidates will receive written notification of Certification Portfolio evaluation results in approximately eight weeks from the time the Certification Portfolio notebooks are received at MTNA. The results will be either ACCEPTED or NOT ACCEPTED.

2. Candidates receiving written notification that their certification portfolio has been ACCEPTED will also be sent:

  • A certificate
  • A brochure entitled Getting the Most Out of MTNA Professional Certification
  • Guidelines for the Renewal of MTNA Professional Certification including A Documentation of Points Form for recording renewal points

3. Candidates receiving written notification of any NOT ACCEPTED Standard(s) in their Certification Portfolio also will receive an explanation of why that particular Standard(s) has been deemed NOT ACCEPTED. NOT ACCEPTED Standards will be returned to candidates for further consideration.

A. Candidates may resubmit two copies of materials and documents from NOT ACCEPTED Standard(s) in the Certification Portfolio for re-evaluation within forty-five days of receiving written notification. A Resubmission Fee* for each resubmitted standard must accompany the materials and documents. After forty-five days, the candidate’s materials and documents become delinquent.

  • Candidates may resubmit two copies of delinquent materials and documents from any NOT ACCEPTED standard(s) in the certification portfolio for re-evaluation upon payment of another Certification Portfolio Fee.

B. Candidates must use the same guidelines for resubmitting NOT ACCEPTED standards in the certification portfolio as those for submitting the certification portfolio (see pages 3–4, beginning with second bullet).

C. Mail the NOT ACCEPTED standards for resubmission with appropriate fee(s) to MTNA Professional Certification Services, 441 Vine St., Ste. 3100, Cincinnati, OH 45202-3004. Use “Return Receipt Requested.”