2016 MTNA National Conference

Awards Recipients

MTNA Achievement Award
Emanuel Ax, New York, New York

Distinguished Service Award
MarySue Harris, NCTM, Lincoln, Nebraska

Citation for Leadership
Frank J. Hackinson, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Teacher of the Year
Fay S. Adams, NCTM, Knoxville, Tennessee

State Affiliate of the Year
Oregon MTA
Cindy Peterson-Peart, NCTM, president

Local Association of the Year
Michibago MTA (Wisconsin)
Drea E. Wagner, NCTM, president

Collegiate Chapter of the Year
University of Montana Keyboard Society (Montana)
Heidi Brower, president; Christopher Hahn, NCTM, advisor

Distinguished Composer of the Year
David von Kampen, Seward, Nebraska
Under the Silver and Home Again: Commissioned by Nebraska MTA

Distinguished Composer of the Year Honorable Mention
Takuma Itoh, Honolulu, Hawaii
Iridescence: Commissioned by Hawaii MTA

Distinguished Composer of the Year Honorable Mention
Pierre Jalbert, Stafford, Texas
Preludes for Piano: Commissioned by Vermont MTA

Distinguished Composer of the Year Honorable Mention
Jerry Owen, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Sonatina: Commissioned by Iowa MTA

Distinguished Composer of the Year Honorable Mention
Adam Silverman, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania
Over a windcloaked nightsoaked starpoked sea: Commissioned by Pennsylvania MTA

American Music Teacher Article of the Year
Steven Brundage, Greenville, South Carolina
“The Art of Possibility”: Published April/May and June/July 2015

MTNA e-Journal Article of the Year
Paola Savvidou, NCTM; Brad Willis; Mengyuan Li and Marjorie Skubic, Columbia, Missouri
“Assessing Injury Risk In Pianists: Using Objective Measures To Promote Self-Awareness”: Published November 2015

MarySue Harris Studio Teacher Fellowship Award
Marjorie Fint, Norman, Oklahoma

MTNA-Frances Clark Keyboard Pedagogy Award
Professional Piano Teaching by Jeanine Jacobson, NCTM, Olympia, Washington

Piano Technicians Guild Scholarship
Recreational Music Making

Spring Seals, NCTM, Fort Worth, Texas

Piano Technicians Guild Foundation Scholarship
Teacher Continuing Education and/or Performance Study

Davis Dorrough, NCTM, Edmond, Oklahoma

MTNA Recognizes 50-Year Members
Sue Adams Barnes, NCTM, Powder Springs, Georgia
Evonne Beattie, NCTM, Phoenix, Arizona
Roger Bushell, Las Vegas, Nevada
Sandra L. Carnes, NCTM, East Sparta, Ohio
Letitia W. Colglazier, Athens, Georgia
Roberta S. Gober, Lexington, Texas
Mildred T. Halbert, NCTM, League City, Texas
Lillian U. Harder, Clemson, South Carolina
LaVonne M. Harris, Chelsea, Michigan
Shirley J. Howard, Ogden, Utah
Elizabeth W. Hughston, Charlotte, North Carolina
Winifred P. Hyson, NCTM, Bethesda, Maryland
Judith F. Jolly, Greensboro, North Carolina
Olga L. Kuehl-White, NCTM, Tampa, Florida
Dorothy Leyden, University Place, Washington
Mary M. Maddox, NCTM, Kankakee, Illinois
Edna Mae McCoy, Columbus, Mississippi
Carol Nakaganeku, Honolulu, Hawaii
Kathleen M. Philipp, NCTM, Shakopee, Minnesota
Richard Reber, Lawrence, Kasnas
Katherine Reese, NCTM, Mannington, West Virginia
Shirley A. Sonk, NCTM, Clackamas, Oregon
Carol Strizich, NCTM, Anaconda, Montana
Margaret S. Strong, NCTM, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Geraldine C. Wagoner, Williamsburg, Virginia
Leon Duane Whitesell, Edmond, Oklahoma
Eulalie Wilson, Evansville, Indiana
Margaret U. Wright, NCTM, Rockville, Maryland

Leadership Service Recognitions
Jane Magrath, NCTM, Conference Planning Committee Chair
Laura Swenson, NCTM, Certification Commission Chair, East Central Division
Krista Wallace-Boaz, NCTM, Certification Commissioner, Southern Division
Wendy Yamashita, NCTM, Certification Commissioner, Southwest Division