2017 MTNA National Conference

Awards Recipients

MTNA Achievement Award
MusicLink Foundation, Arlington, Virginia

Distinguished Service Award
Benjamin D. Caton, NCTM, Johnson City, Tennessee

Teacher of the Year
Susan T. McDuffie, NCTM, Macon, Georgia

State Affiliate of the Year
Oklahoma MTA
Karen J. Harrington, NCTM, president

Local Association of the Year
Lincoln MTA (Nebraska)
Svetlana Yashirin, president

Collegiate Chapter of the Year
University of Oklahoma
Jennifer Stadler, NCTM, president; Barbara Fast, NCTM, and Jane McGrath, NCTM, advisors

Distinguished Composer of the Year
David Gompper, Iowa City, Iowa
Cycles for Violoncello and Piano: Commissioned by Iowa MTA

Distinguished Composer of the Year Honorable Mention
Michael Johanson
Three Moods for Viola and Piano: Commissioned by Oregon MTA

Distinguished Composer of the Year Honorable Mention
David Werfelman
Suite á l’antique for Piano: Commissioned by Wisconsin MTA

American Music Teacher Article of the Year
Merlin Thompson, Calgary, Alberta
“Understanding And Nurturing Parents: A Studio Music Teacher's Reflections On Parental Interest And Involvement”: Published February/March 2016

MTNA e-Journal Article of the Year
William Westney, Cynthia M. Grund, James Yang, Aimee Cloutier, Jesse Latimer, Michael O’Boyle, Dan Fang and Jiancheng Hou
“The Pedagogical Value Of ‘Enjoyment’ In The Classical Piano Studio: A Research Report On A Transdisciplinary Study”: Published April 2016

MarySue Harris Studio Teacher Fellowship Award
Karen Lien, NCTM San Antonio, Texas

MTNA-Frances Clark Keyboard Pedagogy Award
Modules by Paul Sheftel, New York, New York

Piano Technicians Guild Foundation Scholarship
Teacher Continuing Education and/or Performance Study

Jihong Park, NCTM, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

MTNA Recognizes 50-Year Members
Lucille Arthur, Klamath Falls, Oregon
Margaret Boesiger, Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Dorothy Jane Bostick, NCTM, Wilson, North Carolina
Susan L. Cable, Denver, Colorado
Marilyn A. Cade, Rockford, Illinois
Carolyn P. Carson, Issaquah, Washington
Susie Francis Dempsey, NCTM, Jacksonville, Alabama
Celia Goering, NCTM, Derby, Kansas
Marian L. Henderson, NCTM, Cherokee Village, Arkansas
Linda L. Holden, Valier, Montana
Ruth Jane Holmes, NCTM, Lubbock, Texas
Jacquelyn C. Hutson, Marietta, Georgia
Eugene Martin, Atlanta, Georgia
Sarah L. Martin, Atlanta, Georgia
Alice Maxfield, Laurel, Maryland
Ellen C. Pickell NCTM, Hoquiam, Washington
David T. Piersel NCTM, Windsor Heights, Iowa
Dorothy D. Renouf, Guilford, Connecticut
Linda Shirley, Richardson, Texas
Manuela B. Shull, NCTM, Corpus Christi, Texas
Betty Kowalsky Stasson, NCTM, West Bloomfield, Michigan
Nancy Stavely, Silver Spring, Maryland
Judy Jones Sullins, Athens, Tennessee
Barbara Wing NCTM, Bethesda, Maryland
Michael Zenge, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Leadership Service Recognitions
Marianne Fleming Bryan, NCTM, Certification Commission Chair
Debra Florian, NCTM, Conference Planning Committee Chair
Andy Hisey, MTNA e-Journal Editorial Committee Chair
Karen Hollenback, NCTM, Certification Commissioner
Jovanni-Rey V. de Pedro, NCTM, Collegiate Symposium Committee Chair and Advisor
Carol Prodan, NCTM, Certification Commissioner
Timothy Shook, NCTM, Certification Commissioner
Sharla Van Cleeve, NCTM, Certification Commissioner