Division Competitions

  1. The division competitions will be a video round.
  2. State Winners and Representatives will submit a video performance of the repertoire listed on the original application no later than December 5 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time. Winners and Representatives will receive a Division Entrant Code from MTNA that must be entered in the Division Video Application. If a winner does not submit videos by the deadline, the alternate will be contacted and given until 11:59 p.m. Eastern time on December 10 to submit his or her videos.
  3. Division Winners and Representatives will be required to travel to perform at the MTNA National Conference in March in Spokane, Washington, March 16–20, 2019.

Video Instructions

  1. MTNA partners with Acceptd, a digital platform used for auditions, to run the division competitions. Entrants must sign up for an Acceptd account in order to upload their performance videos. Sign up (or login) for an account here.
  2. Videos must be of high quality and recorded all at the same location. Click here for tips about recording your videos.
  3. Video recording must be made with one fixed camera angle/location, focused such that the performer and the accompanist (if applicable) are visible at all times.
  4. Videos of chamber music ensembles must have all performers of each selection visible throughout the performance.
  5. Videos must contain all repertoire listed on the original application. Entrants should NOT introduce themselves or announce the piece being recorded.
  6. Each piece (including individual movements of a larger work) must be uploaded as a separate video file. No editing is allowed. Each selection must be labeled with the title and composer. For individual movements of a larger work, label with the title, Roman numeral of movement and composer. Example: Sonata in F Minor, Op. 2, No. 1, I., Beethoven. Preludes and Fugues may be considered a single piece.
  7. Only repertoire originally written for unaccompanied instrument or voice may be performed without an accompanist. 
  8. Judges will listen to a portion or all of each video up to the following time limits (review Performance Guidelines):
    • Junior: twenty (20) minutes
    • Senior brass, piano, piano duet, string, woodwind: thirty (30) minutes
    • Senior voice: twenty (20) minutes
    • Young Artist brass, piano, string, woodwind: forty (40) minutes
    • Young Artist voice: thirty-five (35) minutes
    • Chamber Music: forty (40) minutes
  9. Entrants who do not follow guidelines may be disqualified.