MarySue Harris Studio Fellowship FAQs

What should be included in my Letter of Application?

  • Explanation of the importance of the award for your future?
  • Detailed plan for use of funds
  • Position in profession
  • Length of time studio has been established 

What may the funds be used for?

Studio equipment including, but not limited to: keyboard lab, piano, software, computer, video camera, music (printed or recordings) and professional coaching. 

What is considered professional employment?

Any employment for which you are paid and are unsupervised as part of your curriculum or teaching practicum.  

May I include more than what’s asked for with my application?

No—not following directions may result in an automatic disqualification. 

May I send my videos on a DVD?

No—videos must be submitted with the other application materials via the application form on the MTNA website. 

It’s taking forever for my video to upload. What’s wrong?

Check to be sure your video is in one of the accepted formats (.mp4, .wmv or .flv). Also, compressing (zipping) the file may reduce the upload time. Additionally, using a direct Internet connection (instead of WiFi) and being sure to be plugged into a power source (not using a battery) can also help. Videos recorded in HD are not recommended. 

Are all application materials considered equally?

The application materials will be weighted as such:

  • Letter of Application: 50 percent
  • Letters of Recommendation: 10 percent
  • Transcripts and Resume: 10 percent
  • Video: 10 percent
  • Porfolio: 20 percent
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