Technology Tips and Tools:
EXCEL-ling Your Music Studio

Deborah How and Nancy Woo

MTNA Business Digest, Volume 2, Issue 2
January 2023

Have you ever wondered how to create a beautifully designed recital program with a minimum amount of effort? Join us in this short two-part series to first learn how to sort and organize student information in Excel, and then to use the mail merge feature in Microsoft Word linked to Excel to produce a professional recital program.

Watch the videos:

Part 1: Optimizing Efficiency by Organizing Your Student Data

Part 2: Optimizing Efficiency by Mail Merging Recital Programs



Deborah How


Deborah H. How, PhD, MBA, is a connection builder and fundraising architect for nonprofit music organizations. She presents on both studio management and pedagogy topics. She is a member of the MTNA Business Resource Network.



Nancy Woo


Nancy Woo earned an MM degree and is a DMA candidate in piano performance at the USC Thornton School of Music. She is the owner of the Southwest Conservatory of Music and COO of Musical Etudes.




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