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Note:  The Virtual Conference includes many (but not all) sessions planned for the Chicago 2020 MTNA National Conference. MTNA is deeply grateful to all presenters involved.
Du holde Kunst: Three Music Programs in Prisons (60 minute video)
Life doesn’t get much grayer than in prison. Learn about three programs that take our “beloved art” in the forms of a choir and voice class, a concert series and piano lessons to incarcerated individuals.
Siri Caltvedt, NCTM, Song of Hiawatha Music Studio, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Anna Hamilton, University of South Carolina Aiken, Aiken, South Carolina
Catherine Kautsky, Lawrence University, Appleton, sconsin
Why We Don’t Do What Really Works: Hardest First and Other Practice Tips for Happy Brains (20 minute video)

Our brains learn most efficiently with specific practice habits, but research shows we naturally avoid some of them. Tips for helping students practice in effective ways that really work are explored in this workshop.
Barbara Fast, NCTM, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma
“In diversity there is beauty and there is strength” (Maya Angelou)—Achieving Inclusion and Diversity to Enhance Your Studio Growth (50 minute video)
Join us as we explore ways to expand your teaching studio through inclusion and diversity. We will discuss accessing untapped globalized markets and transforming our students’ learning experience to maintain a sustainable and successful career.
Diana Dumlavwalla, NCTM, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida
Ka Man “Melody” Ng, NCTM, University of Alabama in Huntsville, Huntsville, Alabama
Developing a Plan of Community Outreach for Collegiate and Local Chapters (25 minute video)
Community music events are a valuable way to recruit students, engage with the community and network. This presentation will share strategies and outcomes from the Liberty University MTNA Collegiate Chapter’s Community Music Clinics that can be adapted by other chapters.
Rebecca Edmiston, Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia
Guiding Principles of Virtuosic Teacher Talk (60 minute video)
Discover how to hone your communication skills and more deeply engage your students. Common errors of language use and delivery will be juxtaposed with ideal pedagogical approaches through the exploration of novice and master teaching.
Sara Ernst, NCTM, University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina
Stephen Pierce, University of Southern California, Pasadena, California
How to Care for the Tools of Our Trade: Our Hands, Arms and Shoulders (60 minute video)
Our arms are our tools through which we interact as musicians and teachers. In this presentation you will learn how to perform your own self-care to regain healthy biomechanical function of your hands, arms and shoulders.
Eric Sutz, Music Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
Music Teachers Are Not Psychologists! But Good Counselors Use Simple Skills That Can Help Every Day in the Studio (20 minute video)
Great studio teaching is all about two human beings experiencing mutual trust and a fruitful partnership. But human relationships can be tricky, delicate and unpredictable. Psychologists have expertise in this area. We can all benefit!
William Westney, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas
Stronger Together: Creating a Local Association TRIBE (60 minute session)
Does your local association need to grow? Learn how one local association has created a TRIBE: Together Reworking Involvement Between Everyone. Come see why Central Oklahoma MTA was named 2019 MTNA Local Association of the Year!
Davis Dorrough, NCTM, Central Oklahoma Music Teachers Association, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Terri Hlubek, NCTM, Central Oklahoma Music Teachers Association, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Melissa Johansen, NCTM, Central Oklahoma Music Teachers Association, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Tidying Up! Sparking Joy in the Music Studio (15 minute video)
Inspired by the Netflix Show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, Jennifer Foxx will share 3 ways to help spark more joy in the music studio.
Jennifer Foxx, Music Educator Resources, Goodyear, Arizona
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