Creative Teaching Master Class

This year, we welcome internationally renowned music educator, piano teacher, writer and presenter, Tim Topham to deliver a "a new twist" on "a tried-and-true" tradition: a "Creative" Masterclass. In this video Tim demonstrates ways to foster creativity with a student during a typical lesson. The video was recorded at the Piano Pivot Live conference in Melbourne, Australia in January 2020. A second video titled "Musical Mashups" provides additional explanation from Tim Topham on the approaches he uses in the Masterclass.

Musical Mashups

Download Handout "27 Easy Chord Progressions"

About the Presenter

Tim Topham is an internationally renowned music educator, piano teacher, writer and presenter. He has more than 20 years of experience in education, having taught in the United Kingdom and a number of states of Australia in subjects as varied as music, outdoor education, PE, mathematics and IT. Through his blog and podcast at, he regularly inspires more than 20,000 teachers across the globe to become better educators for their students. In addition, and to give an even deeper level of support to teachers looking for guidance, he has a community of dedicated, creative teachers in his Inner Circle. Topham has presented at conferences around Australia and overseas, and his writing and products have been featured in American Music Teacher, The Piano Teacher, Californian Music Teacher and journals from music associations around Australia. He served as consultant editor for the Australian Music Examination Board’s Piano for Leisure Series 4 books released in 2017, selecting, editing and writing performance, teaching and creative notes for 108 new pieces for student examinations. Topham holds an MBA in educational leadership, a bachelor of music in audio engineering, a diploma of education and an associate of music performance, Australia (AMusA) - Distinction.