MTNA—Your Partner in Teaching

MembershipLogo.jpg MTNA needs your help. Membership marketing, or membership recruiting and retention, belongs to all of us. Strengthening our membership means we are meeting the needs of our members. At the local and state level, members find professional interaction and development as well as programs and events for their students. At the national level, members find professional development through publications and conferences, teacher resources such as insurance and studio documents for legal and business issues, and national advocacy.

During 201617, our efforts can be summarized by the simple phrase, “MTNA—Your Partner in Teaching.” MTNA is here to help with your teaching and professional needs.

Research studies show that a majority of people join associations because a colleague invited them. MTNA encourages you to think of at least one person you know who would benefit from MTNA membership and reach out to that person. Then, spread the word in your local and state associations so each one in our membership will reach one prospective member.

Membership marketing is ongoing. It’s a way of life. Keep reaching out and asking prospective members, “What do you need? How can we help?”

Membership brochures and other materials to support your marketing, recruitment and retention activities are available from the national office. Download logo now.