About GP3



any years ago, in Norman, Oklahoma, several pedagogues were discussing that there were many great people in pedagogy and group teaching who were greatly admired and how exciting it could be if those gathered in Oklahoma could add their voices to that mix. They believed they offered the “next generation” point of view. They also lamented the loss of the National Group Piano Conference, which several had attended in Austin and enjoyed greatly.

Following that meeting, Barbara Fast and Laura Williamson decided the time had come to act on the ideas discussed in Norman. They invited Andrew Hisey and Michelle Conda for a marathon planning weekend in Columbus, Ohio. From this developed the National Group Piano and Piano Pedagogy Forum (GP3) and the guiding principles that make it work.

This project has been a labor of love spearheaded by volunteer leaders, but due to the overwhelming time commitment it takes to organize this forum, and increasing technology issues, MTNA offered its expertise. So in 2005, GP3 became a program of MTNA. The GP3 steering committee determines the mission, focus, purpose, program and location of each Forum, while MTNA provides programmatic, financial and administrative support.

This event started as a grass roots group. It belongs to those who attend. The more participants are willing to give of their time and knowledge, the more they will receive.

The passage of time has replaced our “next generation” with the “millennial generation.” However, MTNA and the steering committee are committed to looking ahead to the future and hope all that participate find they have a home with GP3, no matter from which generation they hail.





Steering Committee

GP3 is organized by a steering committee that determines the mission, focus, purpose, program and location of each Forum. Meet the committee members.

GP3 History

In existence since 2000, GP3 has a rich history of unique topics and innovative programming. Learn More about this grassroots Forum.