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This webinar focuses on teaching strategies designed to help with attention and focus, resulting in increased student engagement, joy-filled music making and success.

Whether you are a new teacher eager for resources to launch your career or a seasoned professional looking for fresh ideas, join us for some practical information you can use to frame your work effectively to various stakeholders, imagine audacious projects that leverage your strengths and implement strategies for growing your practice.

Artistry is a process! Veda Zuponcic will guide you through the use of exceptional materials for the youngest, newest pianist that present artistic gestures that become the basis for artistry at the most advanced levels. Zuponcic will share her approach to the development of good sound, with a proven curricular plan that builds technique, layer by layer, and provides the student with a broad repertoire of many styles. This patient work through the years ultimately leads the young musician to the highest level of pianism.