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How Do I Fund Thee? Let Me Count the Ways (Open Access)

Fundraising is not an Elizabethan tragedy. Successful fundraising is a concrete plan of action with specific, targeted and diversified activities. Fundraising can be undertaken by a Collegiate Chapter, a non-profit organization, an individual teacher or performer—anyone! Let's count the ways! …

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Fundraising: Who Cares?

When embarking on a fundraising activity, the question that most people ask is "Who has the money?" The question they should be asking is "Who cares?" Who is passionate about the same things that you are? Who cares about your cause, values, outcomes and impact? These are the people who will most want to provide support for your project. …

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Grantwriting 101: Just The FAQs

Grants can provide a source of revenue for individuals, organizations and associations. A faculty member applies for a university research grant; a collegiate member applies for a travel grant; an independent teacher applies for a professional development grant; a non-profit academy applies for equipment funds; or a state/local affiliate applies for project funding. …

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