Within the Studio

The following list includes MTNA resources that assist music teachers to build a more diverse and inclusive studio teaching environment. Click on the title of the resource to download a PDF (American Music Teacher> and MTNA e-Journal Articles) or to link to a video resource.

Title Author(s)/Presenter(s)
magazine An Examination of Collegiate Piano Majors’ Experiences Learning, Beliefs About and Confidence in Selecting and Teaching Literature by Diverse Composers
(January 2024 MTNA e-Journal)
Jenna Klein, NCTM
magazine The Teaching Methods and Philosophies of Three Leading Piano Teachers in China: Zhe Tang, Ling Zhao and Vivian Li
(February 2024 MTNA e-Journal)
Natalie Burton
magazine Equality vs. Equity
(August/September 2023 American Music Teacher)
Leah Claiborne
magazine The Jury is Out, Part 2
(December/January 2022/2023 American Music Teacher)
Leah Claiborne
magazine DEI: Radical Recruitment Resolutions
(December/January 2021/2022 American Music Teacher)
Leah Claiborne
magazine The Jury is Out, Part 1
(August/September 2022 American Music Teacher)
Leah Claiborne
magazine Equitable Access to Private Lessons: Making Music Affordable for Those in Need
(June/July 2022 American Music Teacher)
Natalie Burton
computer Equitable Piano Lessons: Reflections from the Non-Profit Sector -
(2022 MTNA Conference)
Igor Lipinski
computer Perspectives on Cultural Appropriation in Classical Piano Music: Nuances, Repercussions, and tools to move forward
(2022 MTNA Conference)
Mikhail Johnson
magazine Embracing Diversity in Your Studio: Pedagogical Approaches in Intercultural Piano Teaching
(January 2022 Collegiate Symposium)
Shuk-Ki Wong
computer Why, What, and How: Applying Universal Design for Learning in the Piano Studio
(January 2022 Collegiate Symposium)
Devin Weckstein
computer The Power of Microaggression
(November 2021 Webinar)
Michelle Conda
magazine How Do You …? Get Students Excited About Learning Diverse Repertoire
(October/November 2021 American Music Teacher)
Multiple Authors
magazine Diversity in Music Who? What? When? Where? Why?
(August/September 2021 American Music Teacher)
Leah Caliborne
computer Building a Diverse Studio
(May 2021 Webinar)
Leah Claiborne, Chan Kiat Lim, Veena Kulkarni-Rankin and Lynette Zelis
computer Addressing Financial Barriers to Private Music Lessons
(2021 MTNA Conference)
Arizona State University Collegiate Chapter
computer Defining, Encouraging Diversity: A Survey of High-Profile Community-Oriented Music Education Program in the U.S., Germany and Korea
(2021 MTNA Conference)
Yoon Joo Hwang
computer Hidden Curriculum and Subtle Structures: Understanding and addressing Systemic Inequity in Music Teaching
(2021 MTNA Conference)
Download Handout
Jared Rixstine
computer LGBT Who? Affirming LGBTQ Students in the Music Classroom
(2021 MTNA Conference)
Download Handout
Hannah Fisher
computer The Beauty and the Beast of Online Teaching: Embracing Change Through Diversity
(2021 MTNA Conference)
Diana Dumlavwalla, Ka Man Melody Ng
magazine LBGTWho?
(September 2020 MTNA e-Journal)
Hannah Fisher (Poster Session)
computer “In diversity there is beauty and there is strength” (Maya Angelou) - Achieving Inclusion and Diversity to Enhance Your Studio Growth
(2020 MTNA Conference)
Diana Dumlavwalla, Ka Man Melody Ng
magazine Chopsticks, Golliwogs And Wigwams: The Need For Cultural Awareness In Piano Teaching Materials And Repertoire
(October/November 2017 American Music Teacher)
Kiyoshi Tamagawa
magazine Pedagogic Multiculturalism From A Korean Perspective
(September 2015 MTNA e-Journal)
Jihun Cho
magazine The United States and China: Management Differences in the Private Teaching Studio
(October/November 2011 American Music Teacher)
Anthony Olson
magazine Around the World at the Piano Becoming Multicultural in Today's Piano Studio
(April/May 2011 American Music Teacher)
Deborah Rosen Brener
magazine Cross-Cultural Communication in the Piano Studio
(August/September 2002 American Music Teacher)
Kenneth Williams
magazine On Asian and Asian American Affinities with Western Classical Music: What Did Confucius Say?
(April/May 2000 American Music Teacher)
Hao Huang
magazine Early Piano Education in Japan: The Importance of Laying the Foundation
(December/January 1998/1999 American Music Teacher)
Midori Koga
magazine Teacher-Student Communications: Crossing Cultural Barriers
(April/May 1993 American Music Teacher)
Deborah Rosen