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Professional Conferences and Organizations (Open Access)

Other than my academic degrees, nothing has shaped me more as a teacher, performer and professional musician than the many professional conferences I have attended, along with my longstanding membership in professional organizations. …

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Professional Development: A Priceless Investment

"To be a great teacher, one must first be a great student." I do not recall where I first heard this quote, but for any professional who aspires to excellence, it should be a lifelong mantra. Professional development (or continuing education or lifelong learning) is an essential element of the professional studio. …

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Top Five List: MTNA Professional Development Resources (Open Access)

Have you checked out these MTNA professional development resources recently? A vast amount of experience and insight is right here at your fingertips. Peruse these pages and come away with new ideas, helpful tools and creative ways to change up your studio. …

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A Final Overview of Professionalism in the Music Studio

By conducting teacher surveys, doing research, giving presentations, networking with other music teachers and writing articles and books, the area of professionalism in the music studio has become one of special interest to me. … I offer a brief overview of what I consider to be the essential elements of a professional studio.…

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