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Studio Refresh! Essential Business Topics to Revisit Annually (Open Access)

Times change, but strong business practices never go out of style. An annual refresh keeps a studio vibrant, relevant and meeting the needs of students and parents. Compiled by the MTNA Business Network, the Annual Studio Refresh Checklist highlights important studio topics that warrant regular review. Follow along as we explore these key studio topics in more detail.

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Put Me In, Coach! Part 2

Running a business takes a village. Your village might already include a tax accountant, attorney and website designer. Consider adding a business coach if you are unable to see a clear path forward, need accountability, feel overwhelmed or simply want to develop new skills. “Even superheroes don’t do it alone. Everyone needs collaboration and advice to conquer the world.”

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Put Me In Coach! Part 1

Jennifer felt stuck on how to thrive and not just survive. Laura needed to spruce up her job application materials; she also sought guidance when launching a new studio. Natalie wanted financial planning help before investing in physical studio space. Auksuole sought clarity as she restructured her studio and teaching philosophy. Alyssa desired a full-time career instead of a part-time studio income. What do these teachers have in common? They are successful business professionals, and at critical junctures, they sought guidance from a business coach. …

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The Three-Box Solution for Innovation (Open Access)

Unprecedented. Fluid. Evolving. Uncertain. Pivot. We have heard these words many times during the past nine months and may be feeling paralyzed or overwhelmed—unable to even consider innovating our studio or association. …

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A Bias for Action

I am a strong proponent of strategic planning, but savvy business professionals also have a bias for action.

Strategic planning sometimes conjures an image of preparation before action, but there are often smart moves to be made during the planning process. …

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Studio Strategic Planning

As creative, entrepreneurial-minded teachers, we are very good at studio organization—policies, scheduling, curriculum. Whether starting a new studio or revitalizing an existing studio, attention to these details is essential for success and largely under our control. …

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Business Planning for the Independent Music Teacher—Part 1: "The Big Picture"

This webinar explores the broad topics of current economic trends; strategic planning; studio location, format and structure; and teaching philosophy.

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Business Planning for the Independent Music Teacher—Part 2: "Nuts and Bolts"

This webinar examines topics on marketing and recruiting/retention; studio rates, policies and procedures; insurance; taxes; and professionalism.

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The Entrepreneurial Mind

Walt Disney. Henry Ford. Independent music teacher.

Webster's Dictionary defines an entrepreneur as "one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business." …

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Possibilities in a Tough Economy

Whether a young professional just starting out or an experienced teacher relocating to a new area, a bleak economy treats everyone the same. It's hard to make a living. …

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Smart, Single, Successful! Common Threads

Excellence in business rarely happens by accident. Consider the three young professionals in recent columns that I characterized as "smart, single and successful." …

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Smart, Single, Successful! Making A Living As An Independent Music Teacher

How can I make a living as an independent teacher?" To answer this question, three young professionals shared their stories at the 2011 MTNA National Conference during the session "Smart, Single, Successful! Effective Business Strategies For Young Professionals." …

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Smart, Single, Successful! Effective Business Strategies For Young Professionals

When I ask college students and young professionals what business topic they most want to know more about, it’s often, “How can I make a living as an independent teacher?” …

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Earn $100,000 As An Independent Teacher? Yes!

At a conference last summer, I was intrigued by the title of Kristin Yost’s session, “How I Made $100,000 My First Year as a Piano Teacher.” Yes, you read that correctly. …

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8 Recession Proof Business Strategies

If you have concerns about the recent ups and downs in the economy and how you and your music students are being affected, you are not alone. With foreclosures of family homes, job losses and shrinking budgets, there is reason for concern that music lessons may be the first casualty in family cost cutting. …

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In Search Of Excellence

How do we define excellence in our profession? Certainly high quality teaching and performing are major components. …

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The Value of Music Teacher Surveys

One of the most valuable ways to increase professionalism in the independent studio is to network with other teachers about successful policies. Discussing business issues during local and state music teacher associations meetings offers the opportunity to share favorite teaching practices and seek solutions to joint concerns. Such sharing acknowledges that we are not only independent, but also interdependent music teachers. …

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