Life-Work Balance

Top 5 Time Management Tips (Open Access)

An article about time management should not take a lot of time to read. So here it is, short and simple: five strategies for time management. Or depending on how one numbers them, there are eight “ate” strategies.

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Is It Time to Hire an Assistant? (Open Access)

As music teachers and studio owners, we often wear many hats. We plan lessons, research new music, answer phone calls and emails, maintain our websites, do bookkeeping, keep up with social media, promote new programs, practice, attend conferences and workshops, plan recitals and more. Overwhelmed? Overscheduled?

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Show Us Your Shelves!

January is a great time to get organized! Need inspiration for how to organize your music? Deborah H. How collected ideas from more than125 music teachers. Ideas range from DIY bins and binders to custom-made shelves to digital platforms. Personally, I love the “cello” shelves! See photos of all the ideas in this video.

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Invest in Yourself: The Value of Attending a National Conference

Would you hire a CPA who is not up to date on the latest IRS regulations? Would you retain a lawyer who doesn’t stay current with the latest rulings? Professional development is an essential element of staying relevant in any profession. An investment in yourself is…priceless.

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