Arts Awareness & Advocacy

Connecting With The Community=Smart Business (Open Access)

We teach in isolation. Students practice in isolation. Connecting a studio (or collegiate chapter or local association) with the community can alleviate isolation. More importantly, it is a smart business choice. …

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Arts Advocacy: You've Got the Power!

This webinar highlights the impact that individual and group advocacy efforts have on the artistic lives of our students, the health of our studios, the inclusion of the arts in universities and the quality of life within our communities and our country.

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Got Milk? Got Music!

What can we learn from milk? By 1950, the U.S. government, schools and doctors were promoting milk as an important nutritious drink for children. Remember those miniature red milk cartons we received as snacks in elementary school? Milk had an important role as one of the four food groups and was a family staple. But then came Pepsi and its 1960s campaigns associating its soda with youth, rebellion and individuality. Next came Gatorade ("Be Like Mike"), Mountain Dew ("Do the Dew"), and Sprite ("Obey Your Thirst"). By 1990, the milk industry was in a long-term sales decline. …

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