Storytelling as a Pathway to Artistry in Music


Original Broadcast: February 2, 2024

Telling our individual human stories is a powerful way to connect to one another. As musicians and teachers, we tell these stories when we are engaged with our students or an audience. Composers tell stories in their music, and the joy, surprise, tragedy and humour are woven into the text of harmony, rhythm and melody. These musical scores entrusted to us are the story scripts, and like actors, we must study, explore, and embody the story of the composer’s music. By embracing both our own stories and the stories of the music, we have a guiding purpose that links the artistic choices we make along the way. In this webinar, we will examine some of the remarkable stories in the music that we teach and perform, and explore different ways to highlight character, phrasing, timing, tone, touch and other elements of artistry to ensure that those stories are told with meaning and respect.


The Power of Emotional Intelligence in Music Teaching


Original Broadcast: February 23, 2024

Current research reveals that emotional intelligence (EI), or the ability to notice, name, and regulate one’s emotions, has a direct relationship to personal and professional success. This webinar is designed to help music teachers understand EI and how emotions affect student motivation and learning. By studying the relationship between music and EI, music teachers can better facilitate the emotional connection between their students and the music they are playing. The presentation will conclude by discussing essential resources for music teachers about EI and mental wellness. By understanding emotional intelligence and its role in music lessons, teachers can help students connect deeply with their music and hone valuable skills that prepare them for personal and professional success!


Foundations of Mastery: Redefining Piano Technique for Beginners


Original Broadcast: April 5, 2024

Discover the unique approaches utilized by Russian and Eastern-European pedagogues in teaching piano. This presentation delves into their methods, highlighting a strong emphasis on cultivating healthy and ergonomic piano technique, encouraging freedom of movement, and refining the art of sound production. Join Irina Gorin on this webinar to gain valuable insights into the nuanced strategies that prioritize a holistic foundation for budding pianists. Enrich your understanding of teaching beginners and open new avenues for transformative piano education.