Repertoire from around the world increasingly is being used in the music studio. The following list includes MTNA resources that discuss and analyze repertoire by underrepresented and lesser-known composers. Click on the title of the resource to download a PDF (American Music Teacher> and MTNA e-Journal Articles) or to link to a video resource.

Title Author(s)/Presenter(s)
magazine Indigenous Sounds and the Pianism of Lucrecia Kasilag: Colonial Vilence, Hybridity and Philippine Modernism
(June/July 2024 American Music Teacher)
James Carl Lagman Osorio
magazine Jack Frederick Kilpatrick, Oklahoma’s Cherokee Composer: An Analysis of Six Intermediate Collections for Solo Piano
(April 2024 MTNA e-Journal)
Hayden Coie, NCTM
magazine The Pedagogical Piano Works of William Grant Still
(February 2024MTNA e-Journal)
Kindal Gammill, Desmond Henderson and Nathan Shelton
magazine Beyond Drumbeats and Open Fifths: Indigenous Composition sof the Americas for the Piano Studio
(October/November 2023 American Music Teacher)
Stephanie Mercer, Penny Lazarus, NCTM, and Sue Ruby
magazine "Inherently Deficient" or Created Equal? The Rise of the American Woman composer
(June/July2023American Music Teacher)
Hannah Roberts, NCTM
computer Unity Through Diversity: Rhythms & Melodies in Asia and Latin America
(May 2023 American Music Teacher)
João Paulo Casarotti, Alejandro Cremaschi, Gulimina Mahamuti and Omar Roy
magazine These are a Few of My Favorite…Diverse Piano Collections
(April/May 2023 American Music Teacher)
Leah Claiborne
computer Ukrainian Music: The Story of Passion, Struggle, and Hope
(February 2023 Webinar)
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Solomia Soroka and Arthur Greene
computer Loud and Clear: Piano Music and Resources by Black, Indigenous, and Women of Color 
(November 2022 Webinar)
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Olivia Adams
computer Judging Diverse Repertoire for Piano Competitions
(August 2022 Webinar)
Leah Caliborne
computer Discovering Music by Indigenous Composers
(May 2022 Webinar)
Conner Chee
magazine A Stylistic and Performance Analysis of Selected Solo Piano Compositions by Helen Hopekirk
(April 2022 MTNA e-Journal)
Hannah M. Roberts
magazine Lost Gems from the “Golden Age” of Spanish Piano Music: Andrés Isasi, Emiliana de Zubeldía Piano Music: Andrés Isasi, Emiliana de Zubeldía and Manuel Blancafort
(April 2022 MTNA e-Journal)
Asher Armstrong and Younggun Kim
computer A Kaleidoscope of Colours: The Globalization of Canadian Music as Led by Female Composers
(2022 MTNA Conference)
Diana Dumlavwala
computer A Pianist’s Guide to the Music of Gazyna Bacewicz
(2022 MTNA Conference)
Marietta Harrison, Andrea Johnson
computer Asian Piano Music for Intermediate Learners
(2022 MTNA Conference)
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Charisse Baldoria
computer East-West Encounter: A Strking Blend of Western and Non-Western Elements in Selected Piano Works of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Debussy
(2022 MTNA Conference)
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Susan Chan
computer From the U.S. to Argentina: Piano Duets by Women Composers of the Three Americas
(2022 MTNA Conference)
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Alejandro Cremaschi, jessica Melo Pacheco Hjelmstad
computer George Walker at 100: The Piano Music of an American Treasure
(2022 MTNA Conference)
Andrew Cooperstock
computer In the Circle of Ladies: Rediscovering Piano Duos by Women Composers
(2022 MTNA Conference)
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Bonnie Choi
computer Keys to Inclusion: Joining Together in Celebration of Black American Composers
(2022 MTNA Conference)
Brian Keng-Lun Hsu, Sun Min Kim, Daniel Pesca, Sonya Schumann, Susan Tang
computer Leveled Teaching Pieces by Black Composers
(2022 MTNA Conference)
Leah Claiborne
computer Pedagogical Piano Repertoire of Latin America for Intermediate Students
(2022 MTNA Conference)
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Desireé González-Miller
computer Raag-Time: Incorporating Non-Western Musical Traditions
(2022 MTNA Conference)
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Omar Roy
computer Loud & Clear: Looking at Piano Pedagogy + Female Composers Through an Intersectional Lens
(2022 MTNA Conference)
Olivia Adams
computer Competition Piano Repertoire by Black Composers
(February 2022 Webinar)
Leah Claiborne
magazine Diversity within the Piano Repertoire: An Exploration of Piano Major’s Experience with and Perceptions of Music by Women Composers and Composers of Color
(February 2022 MTNA e-Journal)
Jenna Klein
magazine Let It Shine! Celebrating Piano Music by Black Composers
(February 2022 MTNA e-Journal)
Aaron Mathews
magazine The Guia Prático, Álbuns Para Piano by Heitor Villa-Lobos: A List of Piano Pieces
(February 2022 MTNA e-Journal)
Verena Abufaiad
magazine What Ifs: Intentional Inclusion of Music by Black Composers in Music Education
(February/March 2022 American Music Teacher)
Leah Claiborne
computer Exploring Traditional Chinese Music for the Modern Piano: Pedagogical Repertoire by Chinese-American Composer Chen Yi
(2022 Collegiate Symposium)
FNU (Amy) Ahui and Lingyi Guo
magazine Domestic Ethnomeusicology: Indigenous Repertoire
(November 2021 MTNA e-Journal)
Megan Blood, NCTM
magazine An American Sound: Celbrating Native American Music Through the "Indianist" Movement and the American Piano Composer
(October/November 2021 American Music Teacher)
Stephanie Mercer
magazine A Stylistic and Pedagogical Analysis of Select Classical Pieces in Alicia’s Piano Books
(September 2021 MTNA e-Journal)
Ananda Sukarlan
magazine North American Undergraduate Pianists’ Perceptions of Women Composers
(September 2021 MTNA e-Journal)
Kate Acone, NCTM
magazine What's New: Releveant Repertoire for Today
(June/July 2021 American Music Teacher)
E. L. Lancaster
magazine The Influence of Yvonne Loriod on the Piano Works of Olivier Messiaen Presented
(April 2021 MTNA e-Journal)
Tiantian Liang, NCTM
magazine Wilhelm Stenhammar’s Sensommarnätter, Op. 33: Rediscovered Swedish Character Pieces Presented
(April 2021 MTNA e-Journal)
Shelby Nord, NCTM
computer A Pianist’s Guide to the Music of Florence Price and Margaret Bonds
(2021 MTNA Conference)
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University of Idaho Collegiate Chapter
computer Ain’t Misbehavin! A 100-Year Celebration of the Harlem Renaissance and Stride
(2021 MTNA Conference)
Jacob Womack
computer An Introduction to Chinese Piano Music: Creating Dialogue About Diversity
(2021 MTNA Conference)
Washington State University Collegiate Chapter
computer Diversify Your Teaching Repertoire: Piano Music by Women Composers from Baroque to Today (Early-intermediate-Advanced)
(2021 MTNA Conference)
Nicholas Phillips
computer Diversity in Piano Literature: African-American Composers in Intermediate and Advanced Piano Repertoire
(2021 MTNA Conference)
Phoenix Park-Kim
computer Diversity in the Group Piano Classroom: Highlighting Underrepresented Voices Through Harmonization
(2021 MTNA Conference)
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University of Oklahoma Collegiate Chapter
computer Expanding Outwards: Music of Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre and Sofia Gubaidulina
(2021 MTNA Conference)
University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music Collegiate Chapter
computer God’s Gonna Trouble the Water: Margaret Bond’s Spiritual Fantasia
(2021 MTNA Conference)
Camille Jensen-Weber
computer Icy Alternatives: Nordic PIano Literature
(2021 MTNA Conference)
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Kristín Jónína Taylor
computer Innovative Intermediate Piano Literature from Latin America
(2021 MTNA Conference)
University of Memphis Collegiate Chapter
computer Malaysian Composers in Focus: Piano Works by Adeline Wong and Tazul Tajuddin
(2021 MTNA Conference)
Melody Quah
computer Out of the Shadows: The PIano Works of Fanny Hensel Mendelssohn
(2021 MTNA Conference)
Bonnie Choi
computer Overcoming the Sticky Floor: Re-writing the Myths of Women Composers to Reveal the Scope and Genius of Their Magic
(2021 MTNA Conference)
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Lynn Worcester Jones, Penny Lazarus, Sally J. Ritchie, Sue Ruby
computer Piano Works by Latin American Composers: A Lecture Recital
(2021 MTNA Conference)
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Gabriela Calderón-Cornejo
computer The Flavor of Brazil: A Lecture-Recital on Solo Piano Pieces for Beginners and Beyond by Brazilian Composers
(2021 MTNA Conference)
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Jessica Pacheco Hjelmstad
computer The French-Canadian Song Alternative
(2021 MTNA Conference)
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Lissa Moana Lowry, Paula Pressnel
computer The Political Implication in Selected Chinese Folksong Transcriptions for Violin and Piano
(2021 MTNA Conference)
Yang Liu, I-hsuan Olivia Tsai
computer Uncovering Hidden Voices: Exploring Works by Black Women Composers in the Helen Walker-Hill Collection
(2021 MTNA Conference)
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University of Colorado Boulder Collegiate Chapter
magazine Social Justice in the Piano Studio: Inspiring Advanced Students With Music by Brazil’s First Female Professional Pianist
(April/May 2020 American Music Teacher)
Garrett Snedeker
computer Argentine Piano Gems: The Music of Carlos Gaustavino (1912-2000)
(2020 MTNA Conference)
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Luis Sanchez
computer Clara Schumann’s Solo Piano Works and “Preludes”
(2020 MTNA Conference)
Jungwha Lee
computer Diversifying Student Repertoire Through Works by Alberto Ginastera
(2020 MTNA Conference)
Melody Quah
computer Federico Mopou’s Piano Miniatures: Economical, Elegant, Intimate
(2020 MTNA Conference)
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Janice Larson Razaq
computer Mothers of Music: Piano Works by Female Composers for Elementary to Early-Intermediate Students 1650–1925
(2020 MTNA Conference)
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Utah State University Collegiate Chapter
computer Voices Silenced: Piano Music of Composers Killed in the Holocaust
(2020 MTNA Conference)
Hannah Creviston
magazine Brazilian Dances for the Advancing Pianist: Francisca Gonzaga's Waltzes and Tangos for Piano
(April 2019 MTNA e-Journal)
Ana Paula Simoes
magazine Spotlight on Cuban Classical Music Ernesto Lecuona's Danzas afrocubanas
(August/September 2018 American Music Teacher)
Angela Miller-Niles
magazine Women In Music: Piano Music Written for One Hand by Women Composers: Parts I and II
(August/September 2013 American Music Teacher)
Adrienne Wiley
magazine Multicultural Approach To Korean Music With The Traditional Folk Song â "Bird, Bird, Blue Bird"
(February/March 2013 American Music Teacher)
Eunjung Choi
magazine Federico Mompou: Catalonian Composer Magnifico
(December/January 2006/2007 American Music Teacher)
Joseph Rawlins
magazine An Overview of Pedagogical Piano Repertoire by Contemporary Korean Composers
(December/January 2005/2006 American Music Teacher)
JeongSoo Kim
magazine The Multifaceted Nationalism of William Grant Still
(August/September 2002 American Music Teacher)
David Kushner
magazine Native Music of the Northwest: A Columbia River Plateau Perspective
(February/March 1993 American Music Teacher)
Loran Olsen
magazine Japanese Music: An East-West Synthesis
(October/November 1991 American Music Teacher)
Shuko Watanabe
magazine Discovering the Music of Black Women Composers
(August/September 1990 American Music Teacher)
Helen Walker-Hill
magazine Women Composers of Keyboard Music: An Historical Overview
(November/December 1985 American Music Teacher)
Nora Gibson
magazine The Keyboard Sonatas of Baldassare Galuppi: Pedagogical Alternatives to the Standard Repertoire
(June/July 1985 American Music Teacher)
Ruth Holmes