In the Studio

The following list includes MTNA resources that feature specific individuals through articles and videos, highlighting their work and impact. Click on the title of the resource to download a PDF (American Music Teacher> and MTNA e-Journal Articles) or to link to a video resource.

Title Author(s)/Presenter(s)
magazine Charles Lloyd, Jr.: Celebrating 75 Years of A Hidden American Treasure
(December/January 2023/2024American Music Teacher)
João Paulo Casarotti
magazine Making Music Together: Equality and Mutual Creativity as Collaborative Peers
(December/January 2023/2025American Music Teacher)
Gary L. Ingle
magazine Marie-Catherine Girod
(October/November 2023American Music Teacher)
Richard Masters
magazine Adele aus der Ohe and the Lost 1895 Solo Recitals
(August/September2023American Music Teacher)
Grace Shepard
computer American Classical - The Next Chapter
(2022 MTNA Conference)
Terrance McKnight
magazine Artistic Collaborations
(December/January 2021/2022 American Music Teacher)
Jennifer Snow
magazine Composer, Pianist and Educator George Walker: A Snapshot
(December/January 2021/2022 American Music Teacher)
Gregory Walker
magazine In Service to Others Through Music: A Profile of Violinist and Educator, Adrian Anantawan
(December/January 2021/2022 American Music Teacher)
Diana Dulavwalla
magazine Meet Ronald A. Crutcher
(December/January 2021/2022 American Music Teacher)
Martha Hilley
magazine Who is Awadagin Pratt?
(February/March 2021 American Music Teacher)
Michelle Conda
magazine Leon Bates Reminisces
(August/September 1997 American Music Teacher)
Joanne Haroutounian