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A Matter Of Time: The Big Rocks (Open Access)

A common resolution at this time of year is vowing to make more time for things that are important. Wouldn't we all love to improve our time management, including the efficiency of our business practices? …

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The Ins and Outs of Independent Teaching: Guiding Prospective Music Teachers

There are hundreds of excellent musicians graduating yearly from wonderful institutions around the country, many with advanced degrees. Some percentage of them, but certainly not all, will find full-time employment upon graduation. … Young teachers just starting out, as well as those who teach music school-bound students and college music majors will benefit from these observations and suggestions for how a performing musician can maintain a successful career in independent teaching. …

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Studio Structure/Location

Think Outside The Home: Teaching Options And Opportunities Teaching In Students' Homes…

Early in my teaching career, I moved to a nearby town and sustained my studio by teaching former students in their homes. Parents loved this idea for its convenience and continuity. It was a bit of a drive to get to town, but once there, all homes were within 15 minutes of each other. This arrangement started as a financial necessity, but I discovered how enjoyable it could be too.

Financially, teaching in students' homes can be a lucrative position. …

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A New Calendar, A New Paradigm (Open Access)

It is 20 degrees and snow is still on the ground here in the Midwest; what better time to think summer, or better yet, re-think summer. The superintendent of my state's largest school district, Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) … is championing a new "balanced" calendar … to counter the documented "summer learning loss" of children who are away from a structured school routine for two to three months. I can almost hear music teachers cheering! Our profession has long advocated that taking the summer off from music study results in skill and learning loss and the need to catch up in the fall. …

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Online teaching/technology

Resources for MTNA Members During the COVID-19 Pandemic (Open Access)

MTNA understands that music teachers are facing many unique personal and professional challenges during the COVID-19 health crisis. In order to save you time and effort, MTNA has compiled a curated list of some of the best and most helpful resources to support your teaching practice during this unprecedented time. …

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