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The Art of Mindful Marketing: Finding Authenticity and Ease in the Modern Digital World

Keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of social media and online marketing tools can feel like a full-time job. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed or frustrated by the world of digital marketing, consider this your invitation to take a deep breath...and join us for a discussion on the art of mindful marketing.

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Promoting Your Music Teaching Business Through Branding (Open Access)

Effective branding aims to differentiate a business or an individual from others in a crowded field, establish trust and resonate with the target audience, setting yourself apart in a saturated market. Let’s explore the power of branding.

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So You Want to Start a Podcast? A Podcasting Primer

Have you been curious about starting a podcast? Do you have a message to share and wonder if podcasting would be a good medium with which to do that? Whatever the case may be, today we’re pulling back the curtain and demystifying what it takes to start a podcast.

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3 Steps to Building a Client-Centric Social Media Marketing Plan

Overwhelmed with using social media to market your studio? You’re not alone. The social media world is constantly changing, and it can feel downright frustrating trying to keep up with the trends.

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