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Meet the Entrepreneur: Debra Perez How I Built a Thriving Business Around Teaching Adults to Play Piano (Open Access)

There are more adults who want to play the piano than we can imagine. Hear how Debra used this realization to start and grow a meaningful business that has helped thousands of adults learn to play the piano.

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Meet the Entrepreneur: Tony Parlapiano Keeping it Simple! (Open Access)

Triangles are Tony Parlapiano's favorite shape, and the triangle between student, parent and teacher satisfaction is an especially important one to him. In this video, Tony shares the varied approaches to studio structure he has experienced through the years, ending with his current decision to move from private lessons to individually accessed online classes.

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Everything I Know About Leadership I Learned in Pedagogy Class

We are all leaders. We guide students in every lesson. We lead studios and classrooms. As entrepreneurs, we steer small businesses and navigate careers. As colleagues, we collaborate and share insights to lead the profession. …

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Re-Imagining the Creative Process

We all seek innovation—for our studio, our association, the profession. How do we develop a fertile environment for the most creative ideas to emerge?. …

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