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Meet the Entrepreneur: Jeremy Siskind (Open Access)

Jeremy Siskind is a jazz pianist, composer and author/publisher who teaches at Fullerton College. In this video, Jeremy reflects on his career path and current projects, sharing insights on key experiences and the entrepreneurial mindset that guided him to where he is now while offering advice for others with similar career goals. Learn more about Jeremy at jeremysiskind.com.

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Meet the Entrepreneur: Jeeyoon Kim (Open Access)

Jeeyoon Kim is a classical pianist, author, podcaster, YouTuber and independent teacher in San Diego. She is passionate about creating classical music relevant to the 21st-century audience. For this short video, Kim was asked to describe her current career and entrepreneurial projects while sharing key steps that she would suggest to others hoping to follow a similar path. Learn more about her projects at jeeyoonkim.com.

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Exploring the Integration of Entrepreneurship Education in Applied Music Lessons Challenges, Approaches and Benefits (Open Access)

Higher education institutions have long recognized the importance of applied music lessons in nurturing the artistic talents of students pursuing careers as performers, composers or conductors (Owens 2011, 84–86; Smith 2014, 63–66; van Zuilenburg 2012, 325–328). These lessons provide a unique opportunity for students to refine their technical abilities and express their musicality. However, an often-overlooked aspect of their education lies in the development of entrepreneurial skills, including marketing, business planning and strategy (Cusic and Schneller 2018, 111–116; de Reizabal and Benito Gómez 2020, 354–357). The constraints of limited time within the curriculum and professors' unfamiliarity with teaching entrepreneurship contribute to the neglect of these vital components (Beckman 2005, 15–16; Crookes 2008, 46–50).

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Everything I Know About Leadership I Learned in Pedagogy Class

We are all leaders. We guide students in every lesson. We lead studios and classrooms. As entrepreneurs, we steer small businesses and navigate careers. As colleagues, we collaborate and share insights to lead the profession. …

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