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Ignorance Is Not Bliss (Open Access)

Because we generally have good relationships with our students and colleagues, we may be naive about legal issues that can affect our studios.… We, therefore, must be aware of the legal issues concerning us as professional music teachers. …

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Legal Documents

MTNA's attorney has prepared several legal documents pertaining to music teaching. Business-related documents, including employment documents and teaching-related documents are available. View Documents       Back to Top


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Copyright Information (Open Access)

MTNA provides information on the reproduction, recording, distribution and performance of music and the guidelines that govern these actions.

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What Every Independent Music Teacher Should Know About Business Licenses and Zoning Regulations (Open Access)

When launching a music studio, it is important to understand the requirements for local business licenses and zoning regulations. Following zoning laws and acquiring a business license when necessary protects a private studio or commercial school from unwanted fines or closure for noncompliance, so it is wise for us all to be educated on this important topic …

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Zoning Kit

Independent Music Teachers frequently have questions and concerns regarding home studios. MTNA provides a Zoning Kit to address these various concerns.

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