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In the Spotlight: Financial Planning for Music Teachers at Different Stages of Life (Open Access)

Navigating the landscape of financial planning is an essential aspect of a music teacher’s professional journey, characterized by self-employment, limited working hours and irregular income streams. When and why should a music teacher engage in financial planning?

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In the Spotlight: Five Steps for Creating a Financial Plan (Open Access)

Creating a financial plan is a crucial aspect of managing your money effectively, regardless of your age or career stage as a music teacher. Certain principles remain relevant for all teachers.

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Top Five: Five Things Every Freelancer Needs to Know About Finance (Including Teachers!)

Independent music teachers, owners of independent music schools, and free-lance performers can all feel overwhelmed by the challenges of short and long-term financial planning. At times, it can seem almost impossible to get out of debt or start saving for retirement. This Top 5 list highlights five important ways to strengthen one’s current and future financial health. …

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Retirement Planning: You Can Never Start Too Soon

My favorite quote about planning for retirement comes from Chris Hogan, “The Retirement Fairy isn’t coming!” …

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Financial Health 1-uh-oh…I mean 101

Congratulations! You have a wonderful career at a professionally run independent studio, a prestigious university or a successful community school of the arts. You are on the road to financial success. Well… maybe not. …

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