Guidelines for Contributions to the MTNA Business Digest

The Digest is a digital publication, emailed to the members of MTNA. There are three types of submissions to the MTNA Business Digest: an article, a video, or a list (such as a list of recommended resources, apps, blogs, technology equipment, etc.).

For all submissions:

  • Contact the MTNA Business Resources Coordinator at with your questions or idea for submission. The current Coordinator is Karen Thickstun.
  • Your idea will be reviewed by the coordinator, members of the MTNA Business Resource Network or the MTNA staff before a final decision is made.
  • If your idea is selected for publication, you will be sent:
    • an author agreement to be completed and signed
    • a deadline for your submission
    • a link for submitting your material
      • At this link, you will be asked to submit:
        • Author/Contributor information (name, email, color headshot, 35-word bio) for up to three authors
        • Submission Category
        • Title of Submission
        • Submission (for main material)
        • Upload Additional Materials/Images
        • There are also fields for submitting a Google Drive or Dropbox link as well as Additional Notes.
  • As with AMT and the MTNA e-Journal, MTNA provides no monetary compensation for contributions to the Business Digest.
  • The MTNA Business Digest only accepts submissions as a Microsoft Word or text document or a link to such a document.
  • Items already appearing on the Internet (that can be accessed via a link) may also be submitted for consideration.
  • Upon submission, the Business Resources Coordinator will edit the materials, discuss the edits with you and send edited material to the MTNA staff.
  • Typically, content written for the Business Digest resides on the MTNA website and MTNA retains and controls the copyright of the article. Contributors will be asked to electronically sign an agreement specifying the copyright details. View Sample Agreement.
  • MTNA will provide the final editing of your material.

For Articles:

  • Word count is flexible. Please state what you want to state as concisely and completely as possible. It might be 500 words, it might be 1,500 words, and it might be more or less.
  • Do NOT use footnotes or endnotes. Use the author-date system—in-text citations with a reference list (Consult the Chicago Manual of Style for examples.)
  • The first 2–3 sentences of your article will be used as an eye-catching starter in the Digest followed by the option to “Read more.” Please write those sentences with that in mind.

For Videos:

  • Videos may be submitted for any Digest category.
  • Submit a 2–3 sentence introduction to your video that will entice the reader to view the video. These sentences will be posted on the front page of the Digest and will be followed by “View video.”
  • For the Meet the Entrepreneur video:
    • Please consult with the Business Resources Coordinator for specific information to include in your video.
    • Limit video length to 5-6 minutes.

For Lists:

  • If introducing a list of apps, resources, blogs, websites, types of technology, etc., submit a title for the overall list.
  • In the Submission area, submit a short and concise introduction of each individual app/resource/etc. Two to three sentences for each is a good goal, but that number is flexible. If possible, include logos of any products, apps, etc. If images other than logos are submitted, permission to use must be verified.
  • Submit a 2–3 sentence general introduction that will entice the reader to view the full list. This introduction will be used as an eye-catching starter on the front page of the Digest, followed by “Read more.”