What Is it? The MTNA eFestival is an online-only performance opportunity where you receive a constructive critique from a highly-qualified evaluator.
Why An eFestival? Many music students live in remote areas and don’t have access to evaluative events. Others are unable to attend a live festival. Some have an audition or performance coming up and want additional comments. The MTNA eFestival provides a convenient option!
Who Is It For? EVERY piano student*, beginner through advanced, young or old, amateur or competitor, studying with a teacher or on your own… perfect for those with performance anxiety.
How Does It Work? The pianist video-records up to 15 minutes of playing and uploads the video(s) to our application via Acceptd. In most cases, participants will receive comments on their performances via email 2–3 weeks after submission. THAT’S IT!
What About Repertoire? Any solo piano pieces of any level, including arrangements and transcriptions, are acceptable.
What About Video Quality? Cell phone, tablet, video camera…it doesn’t matter as long as the sound is clear.
When Can I Start? The MTNA eFestival officially launches in May 2017. Then it runs year-round. No deadlines! No hassle!
What Does It Cost? $60 application fee
Anything Else? For more information, contact the MTNA eFestival manager.

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*Other performance areas will be added as the program grows!

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What type of critique should I expect? Click here to read sample critiques.

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