Within the Community

The following list includes MTNA resources that assist the studio music teacher in contributing to and interacting with diversity, equity and inclusion efforts in their greater community. Click on the title of the resource to download a PDF (American Music Teacher and MTNA e-Journal Articles) or to link to a video resource.

Title Author(s)/Presenter(s)
magazine Cultural Exchange, Social Action, and Community Engagement in Your Studio
(November 2023 MTNA Webinar)
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Alison Barr and Scott Donald
magazine The Little Red Music School, Part 2
(April/May 2023 American Music Teacher)
John Ellis
magazine The Little Red Music School, Part 1
(February/March 2023 American Music Teacher)
John Ellis
magazine Being the Change
(April/May 2022 American Music Teacher)
Leah Claiborne
computer Music Lessons for Social Change: A View from Appalachia
(2022 MTNA Conference)
Yukiko Fujimura
computer Cultivating a Supportive Musical Community Ellen Sirower
(January 2022 Collegiate Symposium)
Ellen Sirower
computer Inclusion: Reaching the Prison Population Through Online Music Appreciation
(March 2021 MTNA Conference)
Stacey L. Russell
magazine Celebrating Collaboration
(February/March 2021 American Music Teacher)
Carolyn True
magazine Ethnomusicology and Alchemy
(April/May 2020 American Music Teacher)
Diane Baxter
computer Developing a Plan of Community Outreach for Collegiate and Local Chapters
(2020 MTNA Conference)
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Rebecca Edminston
computer Du holde Kunst: Three Music Programs in Prisons
(2020 MTNA Conference)
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Siri Caltvedt, Anna hamilton, Catherine Kautsky
magazine MTNA: Our Global Vision
(August/September 2018 American Music Teacher)
Gary L. Ingle
magazine Keys Behind Bars
(October/November 2017 American Music Teacher)
Catherine Kautsky
magazine What We Learned About Music in China: Teaching Piano Lessons in the PRC
(June/July 2017 American Music Teacher)
Hao Huang and Tatiana Thibodeaux
magazine Music Study in the Soviet Union: Old Traditions, New Trends
(December/January 1991/1992 American Music Teacher)
Frances Larimer