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A Matter Of Time: The Big Rocks (Open Access)

A common resolution at this time of year is vowing to make more time for things that are important. Wouldn't we all love to improve our time management, including the efficiency of our business practices? …

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Matter of Policy

Welcome to a new teaching year! Have you updated your studio policy? The studio policy is a reflection of your professional image, serves as the foundation of the integrity and structure of your studio, and is an essential element of your business. It should be revisited every year for two major reasons—it is a legal document, and it is easier to communicate and enforce if it is up-to-date and consistent with your current philosophy and structure. …

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Make-Up Policies—Magic or Misery

Have you ever felt run down? Overworked? Taken for granted? The antidote to all the above is to eat right, get plenty of sleep and develop a firm make-up policy. For a healthy studio we each must decide on an acceptable make-up policy and then abide by that policy at all times. …

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Developing Professional Studio Documents

What is the independent music studio? Educational facility? Arts organization? Private business? …One of the best ways to present one's studio as a business, or at least in a businesslike fashion, is to develop written materials for the studio. …

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Business-Related Legal Documents

MTNA has compiled a number of documents related to the business of being an independent music teacher. From non-compete agreements to employment contracts to negotiating leases—legal documents for studio operations are available to MTNA members.

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