Learn the Best Ways to Save Money, Track Your Income/Expenses and Get Paid in 2022

Jennifer Stadler, NCTM
Amy Chaplin

MTNA Business Digest, Volume 1, Issue 2

January 2022

Check out some of our favorite tools for getting paid, tracking mileage, managing expenses and even saving money in 2022.

Get Paid

Coinhop is an autopay app that makes it easy to collect payments via credit card or bank account for only 1% plus $0.30 per transaction. Simply invite clients from your contacts to schedule payments on a monthly, weekly or biweekly basis. An invoice is sent five days prior to processing.

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Track Miles

MileIQ is an automatic mileage tracker app that runs in the background on your phone. Trips are easily sorted with a swipe: right for business and left for personal. It’s free for up to 40 trips a month and $5.99 a month for MileIQ Unlimited.

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Manage Income/Expenses

Expensify is an app for tracking spending quickly, while on the go. Capture up to 25 receipts by email or photo for free or pay $4.99 a month for unlimited SmartScans. Additional features are available to small businesses for a fee of $5.00–$9.00 per user.

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Save Money

Capital One Shopping is a free browser extension that automatically compares prices, applies coupons, and sends price drop alerts. This user-friendly extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari.

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Jennifer Stadler


Jennifer Stadler, , NCTM, is an independent piano teacher with experience in early childhood, K-12, and higher education. She holds an MM degree in piano performance and pedagogy from the University of Oklahoma.



Amy Chaplin


Amy Chaplin loves talking about all things piano teaching, studio business, organization, and good food-related. She combines all these passions at PianoPantry.com and runs a highly successful independent studio in Bluffton, Indiana.





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