MTNA Benevolence Fund

The MTNA Benevolence Fund is an officially recognized and designated fund established by MTNA. As such it is an approved recipient for designated giving. It has no budget for either income or expense. Other than the initial contribution by the MTNA Foundation Fund to establish the fund, its receipts consist entirely of designated giving, and its expenses consist of funds disbursed for its stated and intended purposes at the direction of the Executive Director and the MTNA Board of Directors.


The purpose of the MTNA Benevolence Fund is to assist individual music teachers in reestablishing their teaching studios due to losses from a major natural disaster or catastrophe. The fund achieves this purpose through specific disbursements to individual music teachers. Assistance from the MTNA Benevolence Fund will not exceed $1,000 per person.


The only ongoing sources of income for the MTNA Benevolence Fund are contributions designated to the fund. In addition, MTNA may implement a special campaign for contributions to maintain and grow the fund. The fund cannot accept in-kind donations of any kind, including, but not limited to, sheet music, instruments, and equipment.

Determination of a Natural Disaster

MTNA shall use the following criteria to determine when a major natural disaster or catastrophe has occurred:

  1. The Federal Government must have designated the event as a Federal disaster and as a Federal Disaster Area.
  2. The disaster must be the result of a natural event such as a hurricane or tornado.
  3. The disaster must interfere with the ability of a music teacher to continue teaching for a sustained period of time.

Guidelines for Disbursement

Assistance from the MTNA Benevolence Fund is intended to be a one-time gift for the replacement of teaching materials and teaching instruments. The fund is not intended for payment of MTNA dues or replacement of lost income. Those requesting help must be willing to give MTNA permission to follow up on any of the information provided to the association in relation to the application. In addition, recipients of grants of $600 or more (or the current amount stated by IRS guidelines) are considered taxable income and as such, a 1099 form will be issued as required.


In order of priority, recipients of funds disbursed from the MTNA Benevolence Fund are:

  1. MTNA Members
  2. Non-members who are studio/private music teachers

Procedure for Disbursement

  1. A Request for Assistance Application must be filled out by the person requesting help.
  2. The Request for Assistance Application is submitted to the MTNA National Headquarters.
  3. The application is reviewed and a decision is made.
  4. The applicant is informed of the decision.
  5. Checks are written and disbursed.

Deadline for Application

All applications for assistance must be received within 90 days of the Federal Disaster declaration.

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