Guidelines for Evaluators

  1. As an MTNA eFestival Evaluator, you will receive, via email, YouTube links to up to eight video recordings per applicant performing a maximum of 15 minutes of repertoire.
    • You agree to submit your typed constructive feedback via the online MTNA eFestival Adjudication Form within one week of receiving each applicant’s video(s).
    • You agree not to comment on the quality of the video, background noises or other things outside of the performer’s control.
    • You may watch the video multiple times to create your comments.
  2. Due to legal copyright issues, evaluators will not be provided with a copy of the music.
    • Each video will communicate the name and composer of each piece.
    • By entering the MTNA eFestival and signing the agreement, entrant certifies that they are following copyright laws. You do not need to verify that music used is a legal copy.
  3. There is no rating system, only comments. Since the evaluator will not have the score (unless you own it or have access to it otherwise), comments will be based on musicality, expression, stage presence, poise and the like. To make specific comments, you may refer to a precise place in the video (for example, at 1'40'', you handled the complicated rhythm well).
  4. Your comments should contain both positive and constructive feedback. The entrant is looking for advice to help them grow and improve. Avoid being exclusively positive.
  5. Your comments will be the sole feedback received by the performer.
  6. Details about each performer will remain anonymous. You will see the performer, but will not know the name, age, length of study, teacher or special circumstances. You are strictly judging a performance. The only information you will receive with each video is repertoire information and composer(s).
  7. Memorization is not required.
  8. If you receive any communication or complaints from entrants or teachers regarding your evaluation or anything related to the eFestival, you agree to forward them to eFestival manager to handle.


  • Anyone can apply. Preference will be given to those with adjudicating experience.
  • MTNA membership is not required, but strongly encouraged.


  • Evaluators will be compensated $15.00 per completed evaluation. You will be evaluating a maximum of 15 minutes of music per applicant.
  • Compensation will be sent to you from MTNA once a month.
  • Evaluators are not employees of MTNA. As a third-party contractor, you will be responsible for payment of all applicable taxes. A 1099 will be issued for evaluators who receive $600 or more annually in compensation from the MTNA eFestival.

Evaluator Evaluations

As an evaluator for MTNA’s eFestival, you represent MTNA. You may be the student’s only connection to our association.

  • Evaluators will be retained until either party terminates the relationship, providing that:
    • Comments to students are positive, encouraging, and constructive.
    • Evaluators return their critiques back within the one-week deadline.
    • Evaluators convey a professional and courteous manner.

Evaluator Availability

If you are chosen to be an eFestival Evaluator, you agree to communicate to the eFestival manager any periods you are not available to accept evaluations.

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