MTNA–Stecher and Horowitz Two Piano Competition

Competition Rules

Important Dates

  • September 3, 2024

    Online Registration available

  • 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time, January 6, 2025

    Completed registration and uploaded videos due

  • January 22, 2025

    Notification of finalist acceptance or non-acceptance

  • March 18, 2025

    Competition Finals, Awards Ceremony, and Winners Concert at the 2024 MTNA National Conference at in Minneapolis, Minnesota


The MTNA–Stecher and Horowitz Two Piano Competition is open to pianists between the ages of 18–29 during the time of the competition (September 3, 2024–March 18, 2025).

Registration Procedures

Click here to access the registration.

  1. Registrations consist of the following:
    1. Completed Online Registration Form.
    2. Registration fee of $155, non-refundable, payable through the online registration system.
    3. Scanned copy of the performers’ birth certificates, passports or other official documents verifying date and place of birth.
    4. High-quality performance video files, totaling 30–40 minutes, suitable for evaluation. (Refer to Video Files for Competition).
  2. Completed registration is due by 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time, January 6, 2025. No late registrations accepted. Registration materials become the property of MTNA. Entrants should retain copies of submitted materials. MTNA is not responsible for any lost documents. Upon receipt of complete registration, acknowledgement will be sent to each entrant.
  3. Notification of selection or non-selection as finalists or non-finalists will be sent to all entrants on or before January 22, 2025. Five duos will be selected to compete at the MTNA National Conference on March 18, 2025.
  4. Please direct all questions about the registration to MTNA.

Repertoire Requirements

  1. Only original compositions written specifically for two pianos are allowed. Transcriptions, works originally composed for piano solo and orchestra, and works originally composed for two pianos and orchestra are not permitted. The only exceptions are works that were transcribed for two pianos by the original composer (i.e. Ravel's La Valse, which is transcribed for two pianos by Ravel).
  2. The program must contain repertoire from at least two different periods of music: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionistic or Contemporary. Movements or sections are acceptable. The movement or section must be complete.
  3. The competition program may not exceed 40 minutes. All repertoire must be submitted for the preliminary round, and no repertoire changes are allowed between rounds of the competition.
  4. Repertoire must be listed accurately on the Registration Form. Include title, number, key, opus, movements and duration of each piece.
  5. Memorization is not required.

Video Files

  1. Submitted video files should be selected from the repertoire listed under Repertoire Requirements.
  2. The video must be of high and professional quality recorded at the same location. No editing is allowed. The video recording must be made, focused such that both pianists and pianos are visible.
  3. Each piece must be uploaded as an individual video file.
  4. All video files must be recorded within three months of submission.

Competition Procedures

  1. The MTNA–Stecher and Horowitz Two Piano Competition will consist of two rounds: a Preliminary Round, by video submission only; and a Final Round, which takes place live at the National Conference.
  2. For the Preliminary Round, three adjudicators will evaluate and rank numerically all duos in order from highest to lowest. The rankings of all three adjudicators will be added together to determine the rank order of each duo from highest to lowest.
  3. The five duos with the highest cumulative scores will be the five finalists that advance to the final round. In the event of a tie(s) among the duos that are eligible to advance to the final round, the adjudicators will confer on the eligible duos so as to break the tie(s).
  4. Only the original members of the duo may compete in the finals. If, for any reason, a duo selected for the finals is unable to perform with the same members of the duo that competed in the Preliminary Round, or if the duo is unable participate in the final round, the duo will be replaced by the next duo listed in final rank order. In the event that an alternate duo cannot be procured before the Final Round, the competition will be held with fewer than five competing duos.

Prizes and Awards, totaling $10,000

First Prize

Cash Award: $5,000
Divided equally between the two pianists
First Prize Certificate

Second Prize

Cash Award: $3,000
Divided equally between the two pianists
Second Prize Certificate

Third Prize

Cash Award: $1,000
Divided equally between the two pianists
Third Prize Certificate

In addition to prizes awarded to the winners, a cash award of $400 and merit certificates are presented to each of the remaining finalists.

Finalist Information

  1. All finalists will be provided with an IRS 1099 form for their prizes and awards for U.S. tax purposes.

General Rules

  1. The decisions made by the jury of the Competition are final and are not subject to query, review or appeal.
  2. Any competitor may be disqualified for failure to comply with the rules and procedures pertaining to the Competition.
  3. Finalists are not permitted to contact or speak with any member of the jury at any time during the Competition.
  4. Both duo performers must be U.S. citizens or hold a U.S. visa or permanent residence (green card), which is valid throughout the competition year. Additionally, both performers must reside in the U.S. during the competition year.
  5. A national first-place duo may not enter again with the same personnel.
  6. Entrants will abide by all copyright laws and have permission to use all music given to judges during the competitions as outlined here.
  7. MTNA will be the sole arbiter of any allegation, and its decisions are final.

Please direct all questions to MTNA.

For technical questions please check out the Acceptd Help Desk for frequently asked questions.