Mediation of Ethical Disputes

Direct communication between members who are involved in an ethical conflict is the first essential step in resolving the matter. Members are strongly encouraged to work out ethical problems themselves. If issues cannot be resolved by the involved parties, the Executive Director may assist in their resolution. Procedures for mediating ethical concerns are outlined below. Each step will be followed in a timely fashion with the utmost tact and confidentiality. Communication with others beyond the parties involved will take place only when necessary or required by law.

Submission of a Complaint

  1. A member may report an alleged ethical infringement by another member to the Executive Director. The Executive Director will inquire whether the member has attempted to resolve the issue directly with the other member.
  2. The Executive Director may stop the process at any point, finding that the issue does not constitute an ethical issue or that mediation efforts by the Executive Director are not likely to help in resolving the conflict.
  3. If the Executive Director believes that mediation may aide the resolution of the conflict, the Executive Directive will request from the reporting member written documentation of the alleged ethical infringement, which must contain the specific charges, supporting evidence, and the reporting member’s address, phone number, email address, and signature.
  4. The Executive Director may contact the member charged with the alleged infringement in order to mediate the conflict. The member charged with the alleged infringement, if contacted, will be given the opportunity to respond to the reported concern. The reporting member will be made known to the reported member if deemed necessary to facilitate a resolution.
  5. If the Executive Director is able to successfully mediate the ethical dispute, the resolution will be documented and forwarded to both members. If the Executive Director determines the mediation is not possible, the Executive Director shall notify the members involved that MTNA’s mediation efforts have terminated.  At that point, all involvement of MTNA in the ethical dispute shall cease.
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