Strategic Plan

(Revised April 2021)

The mission of Music Teachers National Association is to advance the value of music study and music making to society and to support the professionalism of music teachers

Engage the Public
Increase the number of people making and teaching music
  • Promote the benefits of music making and music study.
  • Implement and maintain relationships/partnerships to advance music education and the arts
  • Promote openness to all approaches of making music.
  • Engage communities at all levels (local, state, national) through activities, learning and outreach.
  • Establish intentional strategies for promoting access, diversity, equity and inclusion.
Sustain the Profession
Ensure the long-term future of the profession
  • Promote the music teaching profession as a worthwhile, respected and financially viable career.
  • Promote networking opportunities, professional development and resources.
  • Promote MTNA Certification
  • Support and engage in market research.
  • Take collective and affirmative steps to lift the music teaching profession to a higher standard of professionalism, engagement and inclusion.
  • Develop strategies to serve the international teaching community.
Inspire the Member
Engage and support the membership
  • Strengthen, grow and diversify the membership.
  • Enhance and expand inclusive member programs and services.
  • Identify and cultivate skilled, diverse, committed leadership at all organizational levels
  • Apply and integrate technology to enhance member services and organizational effectiveness
  • Strengthen and grow the Foundation Fund.

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