Music in Every Child: Strategies for Success


Original Broadcast: January 25, 2019

This webinar focuses on teaching strategies designed to help with attention and focus, resulting in increased student engagement, joy-filled music making and success. Specific issues addressed include strategies for success with students who interrupt the teacher, have difficulty processing verbal cues, lose focus, are generally impulsive, have difficulty staying on-task and who tend to behave in an oppositional way.

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Ready to Launch: Entrepreneurial Tools for Your Studio


Original Broadcast: February 15, 2019

Independent music teachers must navigate the challenges of developing their profile, standing out through their teaching practices, and recruiting and retaining students, while also becoming integral members of their local communities. They are a particularly enterprising community, though grounded entrepreneurial methodologies are rarely included in the pedagogical training process. Whether you are a new teacher eager for resources to launch your career or a seasoned professional looking for fresh ideas, join us for some practical information you can use to frame your work effectively to various stakeholders, imagine audacious projects that leverage your strengths and implement strategies for growing your practice.

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Do These Five Things... Always And Forever


Original Broadcast: March 29, 2019

Artistry is a process! Veda Zuponcic will guide you through the use of exceptional materials for the youngest, newest pianist that present artistic gestures that become the basis for artistry at the most advanced levels. Zuponcic will share her approach to the development of good sound, with a proven curricular plan that builds technique, layer by layer, and provides the student with a broad repertoire of many styles. This patient work through the years ultimately leads the young musician to the highest level of pianism.


Edwin E. Gordon's Music Learning Theory and Piano Instruction


Original Broadcast: April 26, 2019

Edwin E. Gordon's lifetime research about how we learn music changes the way we think about piano instruction. Audiation skill builds piano literacy.


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Transforming Elementary-Level Music Instruction


Original Broadcast: May 24, 2019

This session presents practical methods for developing musicians who read and perform notation fluidly, transpose, improvise, and play by ear.


The Art of the Phrase


Original Broadcast: June 28, 2019

It's easy to teach our students to play more musically, once we understand the basic principles of phrasing. In this entertaining and illuminating presentation, Peter Mack teaches us how to recognize the basic phrase types and how best to interpret them. Everyone can sound better, once they understand the art of the phrase!


What Lies Beneath: What About That Bass?


Original Broadcast: July 19, 2019

What Lies Beneath is about bass lines. Discovering what notes are truly important in the left hand can be transformational. Sometimes, it is clear what notes stand out, but most of the time, we performers and teachers need to take time to choose the fenceposts that will support and clarify the entire texture and rhythmic impulse.