Collaborative Music Commissioning Project

2011 Milwaukee (Year of Collaborative Music)

  1. Nancy Faber “Curiouser and Curiouser” for B-flat clarinet, E-flat sax, piano [Faber Piano Adventures/Hal Leonard]
    • addtional versions for violin/cello/piano, flute/cello/piano, flute/viola/piano
  2. Robert Vandall “Fanfare Allegro” for trumpet, trombone, piano [Alfred Music]
  3. Eugenie Rocherolle “Crescent City Connection” for oboe, bassoon, piano
    • additional flute/cello [Hal Leonard]

2012 New York City

  1. Melody Bober “Suite in Season” for violin, cello, piano; additional version for flute, bassoon, piano [Alfred Music]
  2. Kevin Olson “Urban Legends” for flute, bassoon, piano; additional version for violin, cello, piano [The FJH Music Company]

2013 Anaheim

  1. Dennis Alexander “Dance Suite” for violin, cello, piano [Alfred Music]
  2. Jennifer Linn “Serendipity” for flute, horn, piano [Hal Leonard]

2014 Chicago

  1. Wynn-Anne Rossi “Skyscrapers” for clarinet, alto sax, piano [Alfred Music]
  2. Phillip Keveren “Petit Voyage” for trumpet, trombone, piano [Hal Leonard]

2015 Las Vegas

  1. Mike Springer “Nola” for clarinet, trombone, piano [Alfred Music]
  2. Timothy Brown “Suite Brazilerias” for trombone, percussion, piano [The FJH Music Company]

2016 San Antonio

  1. Tom Gerou “Trio Capriccioso” violin, viola, piano [Alfred Music]
  2. Randall Faber “Three Characters” violin, viola, piano [Faber Piano Adventures/Hal Leonard]

2017 Baltimore

  1. Christos Tsitaros “Fantasy” for oboe, clarinet, piano [Hal Leonard]
  2. Martha Mier “Jazz Suite in Color” for clarinet, trumpet, piano [Alfred Music]

2018 Orlando

  1. Catherine Rollin “Suite Detroit” for flute, saxophone, piano [Alfred Music]
  2. Bruce Berr "Three Reflections" for saxophone, bassoon (or tenor sax), piano [Opus Music Publishers]

2019 Spokane

  1. Mona Rejino “Impressions of New York” for viola, cello, piano [Hal Leonard]
  2. Victor Labenske “A Walk Through the Valley” for viola, cello, piano [Alfred Music]

2020 Chicago

  • Postponed due to COVID-19

2021 Virtual Conference

  1. Glenda Austin “Jazz Suite 3” for B-flat clarinet, percussion, piano [Willis Music/Hal Leonard]
  2. Gayle Kowalchyk and E. L. Lancaster “Theme and Variations on Shenandoah” for B-flat clarinet, percussion, piano [Alfred Music]