Condolences for Dr. Wayne Gibson


Today (November 15, 2019) MTNA and the music teaching world lost one of its most beloved and brilliant leaders, Dr. Wayne Gibson. Wayne served as MTNA national president from 2001–2003. He was my cherished friend and mentor, as well as a trusted advisor and a source of boundless inspiration. Wayne was a singer and voice teacher by training, which made him unique among the presidents of MTNA. But he was also a leader and administrator by talent, which made him profoundly transformational as president of the association. Those of us who were lucky enough to personally know and work with him experienced his kind and compassionate spirit as well as his exuberant zest for life. There may be no greater tribute to Wayne's life and legacy than the fact that Wayne loved people, and people loved Wayne. My thoughts and prayers go to his family, his partner Fausto, and to all those who loved, admired, and respected him.

Gary L. Ingle
Executive Director & CEO
Music Teachers National Association