American Music Teacher Advertisement Reservations

Advertising Rates

Prices listed below are Per Issue.

Space 1-2 issues 3-5 issues 6 issues
2-Page Spread $3035 $2915 $2770
Cover IV 1975 1915 1810
Cover II 1900 1825 1740
Cover III 1815 1745 1660
Full Page 1730 1670 1585
2/3 Page 1335 1285 1215
1/2 Page 985 940 900
1/3 Page 695 670 635
1/4 Page 525 500 475
1/6 Page 385 365 345
2 Col. In. 220 210 200
1 Col. In. 115 110 105


Guaranteed position Add 10% of the space rate. Orders for specific positions are accepted as requests. The publisher shall not be bound by such requests and has the right to determine the actual position.

Four-color rates are now included in the advertising rate.

Rates are based on the provision that all mechanical requirements have been met. 

Additional charges for creating or making necessary alteration to artwork will be billed to the advertiser at a rate of $50 per hour. Minimum charge of 1 (one) hour.


Frequency Rates

Discounts are determined by the number of insertions contracted for and used within a 12-month period. Discounts for multiple insertions will be given when an advertiser has placed ads in 3-6 consecutive issues. Multiple ads within a single issue are considered as a single insertion for volume discount purposes.

If the number of insertions completed within a 12-month period is different from what was initially contracted for, billing for short rates will be issued to the advertiser.

If insertions differ in size in a multiple-insertion contract, the smallest ad may not be less than half the size of the largest ad.