April 2011 MTNA e-Journal

The Interface Of Piano Pedagogy With The Medical Community
By Kathleen Riley and David Marcarian
Members of the Cleveland Clinic, along with the Yamaha Music and Wellness Institute are working to develop the first comprehensive, inter-disciplinary, medically based, world-wide performance enhancement and treatment network for musicians based upon evidence-based scientific protocols. Having worked for years retraining musicians, primarily pianists, pedagogically at the instrument with multimodal biofeedback, Kathleen Riley was contacted by the team as a bridge between the pedagogues/performers and the medical community. She presents her work here. [Read More]


MTNA Poster Sessions
By Patricia Powell
Since 2000, the MTNA National Conference has featured Poster Sessions to highlight research being conducted in the music field, as well as unique, creative methods of teaching music skills. At the 2011Conference, seven poster sessions were offered. These sessions provide an opportunity for the selected individuals to present research in a condensed way that is geared to the visual learner and also allows viewers to study and restudy the information and discuss it with the presenter one on one. Patricia Powell, chair of MTNA’s Poster Session committee, compiled the abstracts of the 2011 poster sessions to share. [Read More]